Mixa Intensive Care Dry Skin body balm |Review

Hello people, I’m here with a review this time :) It’s a good one, so keep reading ;)

About 2 months ago I was complaining to my husband how dry my skin was and the next day he came back with this cream. Being a cheap ass I always just choose the cheapest option 😂 Don’t judge me, I can hear you! But my husband is not and he always chooses very carefully the products he buys for me and they always end up being my favorite! To be clear this body balm is not expensive at all, but I just wouldn’t have even looked at it.

• Repairing Surgas
• Sensitive skin
• Extra dryness
• 10% moisturizing glycerine
• Oat milk
• Lasting repair & relief
• Anti-dryness shield
• Anti-flaking
• Anti-irritation
• Hypoallergenic
• Paraben free
• Alcohol freeù

Let me get the “bad” off my chest, so I can talk about the good. I’m not sure how green and chemical free this product is, but I’m not gonna do a search on all the ingredients. It would take me forever with my phone! However I noticed “cetyl alcohol” in the ingredient list and went to read about it since it says “alcohol free” on the packaging. I discovered that it’s not actually alcohol, you can read about it on this page. But I was suprised to read, that many dermatologists don’t recommend it to sensitive skin and it may cause irritation! Yet it says “sensitive skin”, “anti-irritation” and “hypoallergenic” on the packaging! Not very happy about this, another proof that you can’t trust the companies and what you read on packaging – do your own research!

Fortunately, it didn’t create any irritation to anyone in our family.
• It’s very thick and very veeeery moisturizing. I use it about twice in a month, it moisturizes so deeply you don’t even need to use it more often! It would work wonders on someone with very dry skin!
• My younger son suffers from atopic dermatitis and this lotion helped to repair his skin very quickly. Before I used the Mustela and Avenè emollient creams and they weren’t half as efficient as this one!
• My older son has a sun allergy and the rash is very itchy, which results him scatching and having scratches. This cream worked amazing also on him and repaired his damaged skin after only one application, it also reduced the rash and made the skin smooth again.

As you can see, Mixa body balm has been very useful to us and I can’t but to recommend it to you. Especially if you or someone in your family has this kind of skin problems. Not sure in which countries it is available though. It is owned by L’Oreal so it shouldn’t be too hard to find :)

I hope this was helpful,
Talk to you soon 💕


7 thoughts on “Mixa Intensive Care Dry Skin body balm |Review

    1. Hehheee you’re right! But one other time I was having problems with my skin and said I needed a toner – he bought me a cleansing milk to remove my make up lol


    1. Yep, so sweet ^.^ He’s at the store right now, he asked me if I wanted something before he gets home. I said no but changed my mind at the last minute. He asked me to look out from the window as he turned around to go get me some chocolate 😂 If that’s not love lol

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