Trees and their energy

Hello everyone :) Today we’re gonna talk about different trees and how their energy works with us. Actually I’m the one doing the talking, I mean writing, but we can chat later in the comments ;)


They can’t move, but they get their food recycling the energy from the sun. They can’t talk but they have 15 sensitive receptors and they can send out and receive signals in 200km radius. They don’t have a brain, but their intellect mechanism hasn’t been studied enough. Most researchers believe, that plants can hear us and they have the ability to evaluate our love and care.

👇 From an estonian forum called para-web 👇

Firstly there are positive aka donors and negative aka vampire trees, negative doesn’t mean bad, but that it takes from youย  (like pain, negative energies) while the positive ones give you something (peace, calm).

One thing I’m not sure about is that this source also gives a time for active and resting period for each tree. I’ll let you decide for that, there are no strict rules, everyone needs to do as they feel like and believe what they resonate with. If you want to go by the time remember it’s after estonian time ( GMT +03:00)

Birch: Resting 3-4, active 5-9. The energy is soft, calming. Push yourself against it’s trunk, cry and let it all out, after the stress will be gone. Birch is a gentle and compassionate tree. Those weakened by an illness and in a need of healing should go to the birch. It eases the sufferings and helps to deal with being sick. Irreplaceable for those who are anxious, nervous and restless. This affectionate tree will free from the fear for future, useless worries and anxiety. It will also get rid of nightmares if it grows near to the home.
Ps! There is a lot to talk about it’s healing properties, I will be making a post sooner or later.

Oak: Peaceful 15-17, active 21-3. The energy is powerful, dominant. Better not to go there when angry or irritated, make a stop by a pine or hazel tree. Oak is a tree of vitality and longevity. Direct contact is useful to those who are tired without no reason, who suffer from inner apathy that takes away their vitality. It is a strong, but not harsh tree. He won’t help those who complain, he doesn’t like desperate people. He likes fighters, he heals the wounds of warriors in their souls. It’s a great tree for veterans and people who have seen a lot in their lives.

Pine: Powerful energy, takes the depression away. The pine calms, heals the nerves and all stress related problems. Long walks in pine forest are very beneficial for those with heart problems. But not with too hot weather, cause there are substances that separate from pine that might agitate the person. The pine tree is compassionate, heย  cleans the persons aura and partly takes away the sadness.

Maple: Tranquil 4-5, active 7-10. The energy is soft and relaxing, balances energies. Being in contact with a maple tree calms a person, cause it takes the extra energy on itself, dilutes anger. He will replace the tears and anxiety with peace and believing in self.

European ash: Also know as common ash. Easy to recognize from the seeds with wing. Active 11-13. The energy is delicate and pure. Balances the psyche and does a great job cleaning a persons energy field. It’s a great tree to meditate under, strong concentration and full attention.

Linden: Resting period 6-7, active 14-20. It’s energy is soft, warm and peaceful. In fact it was know in China as “the tree of forgetfulness”.

Willow: Peaceful 2-3, active 18-21, Soft, calming and restoring energy. Here you will lose sadness and fatigue. Willows energy will take away your headache and bring all your organism into harmony.

Poplar: Peaceful from 4-5, active from 15-18. The energy is smooth, moderate and precise; it forces you to mobilise your strength in the needed direction and corrects the psyche.ย  Hug the poplar for a couple of minutes and the fatigue will be gone. But don’t stay too long, cause you might get dizzy, the energy will flow away.

– – – – –

According to Luule Viilma (I wrote about her here) every object, every plant, every insect and animal has it’s own type of energy. Here are the tree (and some bushes) energies from Luule’s perspective:

Oak – mightyness
Maple – being everywhere
Birch – being yourself
European ash – home protection
Popler – maximalism
Alder – consistency
Black alder – taking the next step energy
Hazel – wit
Chestnut – dignifyed absence
Bird cherry – self respect
Elm – helpfulness
Aspen – elevation of humility
Rowan – dignity
Linden – sad dreamers support
Willow – kindness
Apple – abundance
Pear – grandiosity
Cherry – precision
Plum – carelessness
Gooseberry – impartiality
Red currant – consolation
Black currant – elation
Raspberry – sense of world
Lilac – sacred lonelyness
Juniper – trial
Thuja – permanence
Spruce – understanding all
Pine – independent elation
Larch – promising
Guelder-rose – waiting patiently

– – – – –
Oak is thought to be with the biggest energy potential, after it come all the conifers (especially pines), then maple, birch and rowan. After recharging yourself near an oak you can feel an unusual lightness in your body. History tells how the native americans would stand up with their backs against a pine trunk, hands wide opened to accumulate energy after a battle or a hunting trip.

You don’t have to necessarily walk in the woods or stand against a tree to get the energy, to walk on a road with maples on both sides you can feel a powerful energy that helps to “charge your batteries” very quickly. Birch on the other hand only shares it’s energy with chosen ones, with those who have became friends. You can recognize a tree with a lot of bioenergy from the fact that there aren’t any other trees growing near (5-6 meters). It’s powerful bioenergy doesn’t allow others to grow there. You should feel warmth and tingling if you place your palm about a meter away from it’s trunk.

– – – – –

As a child my mother taught me to be very respectful towards plants and especially trees. If I wanted a branch or a leaf I needed to ask from a tree, be gentle and thank the tree after. I never went to break branches just for fun and I never carved anything into the bark of trees. Here’s what you need to do, if you need healing from a tree (it’s from an estonian magazine “Tervise Varaait” meaning “Health Treasure Barn”):
Stop 2m from the tree and salute it, ask permission to touch it. Talk about yourself to the tree. Men should first stand against the tree with back and put arms around the tree behind him, after 5-7minutes change and hug with stomach and chest touching the tree for another 5-7 minutes. For women it’s the opposite, first with chest and after with back. Shouldn’t be more than 15minutes per day. Thank the tree for help. Change tree after 7-10days.

A little more from that magazine:

Birch encourages the lowering of arterial blood pressure from 5-9 in the morning. Maple calms an unbalanced nervous system from 4-7 in the morning. European ash cleans and repairs dirty and broken auric field. Pine helps every hour. Alder is a great healer. Bring a small branch at home and change it up periodically. It corrects the performance of the cardiovascular system, also lowers arterial blood pressure and heals the auric field. Chestnut is a good tree for those suffering from asthma. Aspen and poplar are the vampires – touch the sick part with it every day for a week. They will suck out the negative energy and with that the illness/problem.

– – – – –

Of course there would be so much more to talk about, but I think this post is already long enough :) I hope you find something interesting and useful from here.

Remember to respect the trees 🌱


11 thoughts on “Trees and their energy

  1. This is most interesting indeed..!!! Thank you for sharing,I always respect trees myself too,greetings,best wishes for the day…:)))


    1. Hi Laura, I’m glad you liked my article. I mentioned I got my information from an estonian forum called para-web, from an estonian writer and healer Luule Viilma and from an estonian magazine. Not very helpful for my international readers :)

      Have a great week!


  2. Oh, I see you did that now. My mistake. I was thinking of a link, but if it’s an Estonian one…
    Anyway, is there an article here where you talk about the horoscope that links people to trees? I know there is such a thing.
    thank you for the answer.



    1. Oh I think I know what you mean, it’s called the druid horoscope. I have never wrote about it, but it’s definitely very interesting :) You really do love trees very much, that’s beautiful :)
      Have a great day Laura!


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