Luule Viilma: About Men & Healing your relationship with them

Hello again beautiful people :) I wrote about Luule and her teachings a couple of weeks ago (Luule Viilma: A teacher and a healer). I wanted to write more about her teachings already last week, but I wasn’t feeling inspired or concentrated enough, cause there really is so much to talk about and I don’t want to be all over the place. Today I was looking her books and a topic stood out – men.

I think that in our society we concentrate a lot on all the wrong that is made towards women and men are often forgotten about. Her books totally changed how I see men, it helped me to understand them and I healed my relationship with my father. One day I was driving around with my husband listening the radio and it just hit me, suddenly I saw everything, I felt the pain my father had felt because of me and I felt the love he had for me and I just started bawling my eyes out! It was incredibly beautiful and liberating experience. I have to say, that in Estonia women and men have so many issues, there is so many hate for each other. I wanted to mention this, cause when I will say society or women I will mean that from my estonian perspective, situations may be different in other countries.

Let me just say real quick, that women have been suffering through ages because of men and unfairness, but that is another story and nothing is ever only black or white.

Is it or isn’t it true, that women love to bash men and give them the fault of everything? But that’s not how it works in the Universe, before blaming others we need to look at ourselves! Where does blaming and bashing men get us? It will make men angrier and will make them act worse, then we can bash them a little more and there you go, we have a viscous circle. 

Everything was made to be in a perfect balance on Earth. Man and woman together are complete, men have strong physical bodies, but a fragile soul, women are the opposite. A man cannot live without the love of a woman, whether it’s a romantical love or a love of a mother or a daughter. I’m not saying men can’t love, I’m saying women are the original love givers, if that makes sense to you. Are we giving love or are we complaining about everything they should do differently, about what they should or shouldn’t do? We either hurt them directly or send our negative thoughts out in the Universe where these thoughts meet with other negative thoughts about a man in someone’s life and it will influence all men negatively in the end. You may think bad about your husband, but that energy will be felt also by your father, brother and son. Think about it the next time.

In today’s society men expect perfection from women in physical level, that’s impossible. But at the same time we expect perfection from men in all other levels, that’s impossible too! We want men to have money, but get angry when they spend too much time at work and little at home. If it was the other way around, we’d call them lazy! We want them to be sensible like we are, but if they are then they suddenly become less of a man (didn’t want to say pussies…), we expect them to understand us, but do we try to understand them? We expect them to spoil us, gifts suprises, massages and what not, but are we doing that for them?

Dear women, do you know how powerful your love is? If you truly love your man, then he can’t be anything but perfect. If you expect the worst out of him, then that’s exactly what you will get! If you will change your attitude towards the men in your life, you will be amazed to see, that they will start to change in front of your eyes.

The first thing to do is to forgive. Forgive them for whatever they’ve done no matter how small or big the wrong he did. I don’t know let’s say he got drunk and started screaming at you when he arrived home.

Dear Whateverhisnameis/husband/father/son I forgive you your mistakes, I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, but you made wrong choices. I forgive you your ignorance and foolishness for not knowing better. I forgive you for hurting me/my feelings. You are lost and I forgive you.

Whenever something bad or unpleasant happens, we need to look inside not outside. These things happen to draw attention to a part of your life that needs healing, that needs to be dealt with. Maybe your mother always told you, that men are nothing but stupid drunks, that stuck with you subconsciously and now he came to teach you a lesson. So here’s the next step.

Please forgive me my fears, that attracted that kind of a behavior. Forgive me for getting angry and upset with you this morning, I didn’t mean to hurt you.

So also maybe you did or said something that triggered something in him. It may have been subconsciously or maybe you had a thought about him. Maybe he forgot to repair something and you thought to yourself how useless he was. This could all be a reason.

I forgive myself for attracting bad to myself and not learning the lessons given to me.

Now you may ask, why do you need to do all this work and forgiving? Because YOU are feeling bad, because he hurt YOUR feelings. We can only control ourselves, so you do your part and if you do it with love, something is going to change – either him or he’s gonna find his way out of your life.

I’m gonna stop here at the moment, cause I’m not at the same mindset as I was when I wrote this. You see, I went to Veliko Tarnovo and finally got my computer and it broke the next day! :( I’m have to use my phone for a little bit longer, but right now I’m not very inspired to continue this post.

Have a great day and show some love to the men in your life :)



8 thoughts on “Luule Viilma: About Men & Healing your relationship with them

    1. Ahahhaah hai capito benissimo! :D Pensa che spesso quando andavo in banca o in ospedale durante la gravidanza mi dicevano “Strano ma il computer non funziona, non ha mai fatto così!” :D Un bacione anche a te 💕


  1. Ohh darling! This is so trueee!! Even if we know that everything is just a reflection of our inner world we do judge sometimes. But I totally agree with you. Whenever we change our mindset everything around change too. I wrote a lot about victim mentality and law of attraction in my journals – still there are times when it’s hard to face the truth. Chuck spezzano has written good books on that topic. Inspiring words and a motivation to go on!! 💕

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    1. Just a small change of perspective can change so much, it’s almost scary. Cause we’re always so sure about everything, that everything is the way we see it. I will check out Chuck Spezzano, thanks love 😘💗

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  2. Interesting topic and what I know for sure is that I noticed already when you beginn to blame all to the others, there have to be something wrong what wat beginning by you ! We are the base and we have all the magic carts in our hands to make it work :) !

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