OOTD #24 – Back in Veliko Tarnovo


Hello Hello my loves! Guess what, I am blogging from my computer and I can finally show you some decent photos. Happy dance! I was looking the photos I have been posting with my phone and boy, do they suck seeing them on a bigger screen. I am so sorry you had to put up with this. To be honest, my camera is pretty shitty, but way better then my phone! At the moment I am here in Veliko Tarnovo, but for the time I will publish this post I’ll be back in my Sofia home :) We just got here today (23rd) and it has been a long day! You see children don’t pay for the bus ticket, but every ticket has numbers of sitting places on. The cashier didn’t make any tickets with numbers for our kids, so there weren’t enough seats and I had to hold my son all those long 3 and half hours in that hot bus (there was some air conditioner but it was still very hot). Plus no one spoke english on that bus, not even the ticket controller lady, so I felt like we were some kind of clandestines on that bus, when it wasn’t our fault, that the genius didn’t make the tickets to the kids. It was pretty stressful :( But we arrived safely,sweaty andexhausted, but we arrived. And we’re going to enjoy our time here :)


Skirt – cache cache

Top –  New Look

Sandals – Denzel, Xcess

Necklace – BonPrix

Purse – La Redute (not 100% sure, might be BonPrix)

Earrings . A boutique in Veliko Tarnovo



Take care loves,



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