“Adventures” during our trip to Veliko Tarnovo

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend so far. Today I’m going to tell you about everything that went wrong during our little trip from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo last week :D

In the central bus station of Sofia we make the tickets for the bus, the kids don’t pay, so the cashier doesn’t make them the tickets. But every ticket has a place number on it… We sit down on the bus, not in our places cause the kids don’t have a nr anyway. Some people come to us about that & we explain the situation, so they go to sit on our numbers. Everyone looks so confused and panicking for the seats. Then comes the ticket controller and she doesn’t speak a word in english! We couldn’t understand what the heck she was saying and I was getting pretty pissed at her! Hubs told me I was getting scary with all my band gestures and louder voice…ups :D I don’t remember at all, I hate arguing and confrontation of any kind so I guess my brain tried to cancel these memories lol. But I got so angry cause she kept repeating the same things, instead of trying to make us understand. Secondly there was anyone who spoke english, there was a young girl (early 20s maybe?) with her and I don’t believe for a second that she can’t speak english, but she was just scared. It made me angry that she didn’t want to help. At the end we managed to understand something, I had to keep my son on my lap, cause there was one less seat. Thanks to the incredibly intelligent cashier I had to keep my son on my lap for all 3h and half! We were sweating out balls off, well he was, I was sweating my tits off :D I have mentioned my problems with anxiety, especially social anxiety so this was a nightmare for me. All the people iΒ  the bus were staring at us, probably thought it was all our fault too, cause they didn’t understand a thing! I couldn’t stop thinking about it until the next day. 30 minutes from Veliko Tarnovo there is a bus base or something from where another person came aboard, so my husband had to take our other son in his lap! It was a hell of a ride for me :/ Finally we arrived exhausted, but safe.

Remember I told you guys how hard it was for me to move away from Veliko Tarnovo to Sofia, that I left my soul there, that I was truly happy there? Yeah, and now I was feeling so weirded out by the place, I kind of wanted to go back home, I was very anxious all evening and had trouble sleeping. My energy wasn’t used to that place anymore and acted as there was an anomaly. But there was good in that! Now I know it wasn’t the place that brought me out of depression and made me new, it was me and I can do the same thing here!

While packing our stuff the last evening I broke a zipper on the side of a sports bag, which meant I had a little less space. Then I broke a zipper on one part of the suitcase, thankfully I already closed it so it stayed shut with the things inside. When we started to walk towards the bus station we lost some pieces of the suitcase :D You know there are the wheels and then there is the part near the wheels to make the suitcase stand on – well we lost that part, so we had to keep it all the time :P This time we had made the tickets in advance and also the children had theirs. As we sit down, two young guys come over and show their ticket that 28 is their seat, strange cause we have 27 & 28! My head is already exploding like “noooooo, not again!” They sit in another place, but a women makes them go away cause it’s her place. She told that there is probably a second bus and practically told them to get the f… out :D I’m guessing there was a second bus, cause they never came back in again. Still I had a mini-heartattack thinking something was wrong again. Thankfully everything went smooth this time.

At the bus station on Sofia we miss our usual bus that stops right on front of our home. We decide to take another one that goes to our neighbourhood. After a few stops the ticket controls come in, they start to complain about our big suitcase (we read the rules before leaving to Sofia and measured it to be sure we’re in the norm). They say it’s bigger than allowed and makes us step out from the bus! My husband said he’s call the police to come and see who is right, so one of the women made a fake phonecall to them – the phone wasn’t even on! They keep measuring the suitcase saying it’s bigger then supposed to! The measures have to be summed up to the final measurement but they measured the “back” of the suitcase from left to right bottom AND top, same with the top they measured both sides. Please tell me how does this make sense! So they say we need to pay the penalty for having a larger suitcase, without any papers of course… We didn’t have enough cash with us, we offered her a 1lev coin which is the cost of the ticket, she walked away almost offended, gave the coin to my son and said “ice cream” 😂 They wanted to cheat some money into their pockets, but I guess it was too much work and not worth it lol.

We got on the next bus, that also went to our neighbourhood. All you needed to do for the suitcase was to buy a normal ticket for it, which only costs 1lev (about €0,60)….. So these ladies saw foreigners and decided to get some extra money, cause a decent human being doesn’t except someone from another country to know these kind of things and would just tell you to buy the ticket…. The good in this story was that this bus line passed from a part of the city we’d never saw before and discovered some new places to go to. You have to see the good in everything, right? ;)

From the bus stop we barely got home with our suitcase in one piece, it lost the wheels in front of the house! Finally home, sweet, home. Finally I can relax and blog from my computer, right? Wrong!!!! My computer broke the next day, I honestly didn’t know if to laugh or cry… :( It shouldn’t take too long to repair, but until then I’m gonna have to use my phone! It’s a good thing I took photos and drafted them at the other house before coming home. I decided not to let this throw me down, I’m gonna take as many makeup pics as I can fit on my sd cards and publish them as soon as I get my computer back :) I have this feeling that the Universe doesn’t want me behind the computer for some reason. Look how hard it made my trip and back! I guess the Universe has its reasons, I just wish I knew them too…

Lots of love to everyone and don’t let it get to you even when shit happens ;) There is probably a great reason for it :)


14 thoughts on ““Adventures” during our trip to Veliko Tarnovo

    1. Grazie, non Γ¨ facile “scollegarci” dai posti dove abbiamo vissuto, i ricordi e le persone, ma finchΓ¨ non si fa Γ¨ difficile essere felici nel posto nuovo.

      Buona domenica cara (di sabato ormai c’Γ¨ rimasti di poco) <3

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  1. You had a pretty intense trip. Does it often happen? I mean do people often try to take advantage the fact that you are foreigners? It feels like this is typical for this part of Europe, I really don’t like the people here πŸ˜‘


    1. Yeah it does, but most of the time they don’t succeed, thankfully 😁 The taxi are the worst here in Sofia! They tried also make us pay more for the boat yesterday but unfortunately for them I can read bulgarian hehheee But they do the same also in Estonia and Italy, foreigners get screwed everywhere πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚


  2. What a difficult travel it was ……yes very often people want to take advantage of other people in some strange situations but you and your husband behave very good and showed them that they didn”t could play with you !

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