Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

Heyyyy peeps :) Finally an astrology post! I wasn’t sure if to make a different posting day for the topic and I wasn’t sure if I should write about it, cause I feel intimidated by all the amazing astrologers out there. I always need to remind myself, that I created this blog to share things I myself am still learning. I’ve always had a passion for this topic, but I discovered there was more to it then just the 12 Sun signs and since then it has been mind blowing and fulfilling to slowly learn about everything. Getting to know my birth chart has helped me to understand myself in so many ways. I want others to make discoveries about themselves as well. I love to observe and find patterns, that’s why astrology is so fun for me ;)

The Sun Sign is considered by many the most important part of you, but I believe (as many others) that Moon and Rising sign are just as important. It’s like saying that heart is the most important part of the body, but we couldn’t live without lungs or brain either. It takes all of these three signs to get a fuller picture someone. But all components in the birth chart are very important.

Sun sign aka star sign is the one that most people know about themselves. Sun sign is your ego you, it’s your basic personality and traits. Moon and Rising are the reason why all the (Sun) signs are not the same. Your Sun is your everyday self, I would call it the “auto” mode. Think about the Sun sign as a meal without the preparation and spices, it has it’s main qualities but it’s the spices and way of preparation that make it what it is ;)


Moon sign is even more important to women, cause Moon is the feminine energy, which means women feel it more strongly. The Moon is how we feel, our emotions, what goes on under the surface, our instincts and inner self. It has to do with what’s going on in our love life, family, home. As a Gemini I was always confused about why was I so sensitive and emotional, I was supposed to be this fun i-don’t-give-a-f… person, but I was always an emotional wreck. Then I found out my Moon sign was cancer, all explained!


Rising sign aka ascendant is a bit trickier, it took me a while to figure out what does it bring to the table and how does it work. The most common explanation is, that the rising sign is the mask we wear, the first impression we give to people. My rising sign is capricorn and I definitely don’t give the impression of a calm, patient and serious person :D The other, less known explanation is that it’s what we came to work towards too. That makes lot of sense to me, I always wish I was more consistent, that I was more ambitious, that I had more earth sign qualities. So maybe the mask story comes from here. We try to be more like our rising sign, so we wear the mask but we’re really not there yet. I would call this the “wannabe” sign :D


I hope this helped some of you to understand better what each sign stand for.


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Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and also your three signs :) Especially if we have chatted or you are a regular visitor, so I can analyze you and use you for my personal research :D :P

I really hope you enjoyed this post,
See you soon with a new post!


Reminder, on Tuesdays I post about everything esoteric, alternative and not main stream (astrology, alternative medicine, spirituality, energy etc). Every other Wednesday I post food related stuff. On Thursdays it’s all about beauty makeup and fashion. On Saturdays I give you my thoughts about things, talk about my experiences and other random things related to my life.

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