My favorite YouTube accounts

Hello lovelies 💜 Today I’m sharing with you my favorite youtube accounts as you can tell by the title. There is a little bit of everything here ;)

Ps! I don’t know how to add videos with the WordPress app from my phone, or if that’s even possible. So unfortunately I’m going to have to link them instead of having the videos comfortably on my blog.


My all time favorite beauty guru is Nicole Guerriero. I love her makeup looks and I enjoy watching her videos even if there’s no relevant information for me there :D I’ve been obsessed with different beauty gurus, but they come and go, Nicole has managed to stay in my list from when I first started watching beauty videos in 2012 👍

Green & Brown eye makeup

How To Apply False Eyelashes: Strip & Individual

Vlog | New Hair + Organic Nails + Back to Cali


I almost left Carly out, how could I?! The first thing you’ll notice is how incredible gorgeous this woman is! That figure and that hair 😍 And if you watch more of her videos, you will see she is just as beautiful on the inside! Carly is a very talented makeup artist and has an amazing unique sense of style when it comes to fashion. Totally off topic, but I always love the music she adds to her videos! I always go looking for them after :)
She also has an awesome fashion blog.

How I Cut Layers in My Hair At Home

My Summer Beauty MUST HAVES

5 Ways To Get Through a



Then there is the adorable Heart 💜 She is not so much a beauty guru as much as fashionista. I just enjoy her videos so much because of her cute personality. I love her vlog channel as well, she is just such a joy to watch!

What’s On My Desk ♥ | My Desk Essentials


Wake up with me! My Summer Morning Routine!


Annie started out as a beauty guru and I enjoyed those videos and her amazing sense of style. But there was always more to her, her attitude towards life and health. She has transformed her channel to more health and lifestyle related and I love her even more now. She had a huge impact on my life, it was this beautiful girl with a big heart that made me give up meat and strive to be healthier. I’m not completely there yet, but I’m on my way and she is a true inspiration!

Clothing & Accessories Haul! ♥

Live a BEAUTIFUL Life ♥ | Staying Positive & Motivated

Get Back On Track ♥ My Reboot Routine

She also runs a beautiful blog, so go check it out!


Thanks to Annie I discovered a bunch of vegan accounts with lots of yummy recipes, tips on going vegan and much helpful information. Kristina has probably the biggest channel and there are a lot of talks about her being fake, stuck-up arrogant and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know whether they’re true or it’s just the haters, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has the most delicious and amazing raw vegan recipes on her channel. These recipes are so inviting, delicious and colorful that they will for sure make you want to eat more healthy foods!

FullyRaw Strawberry Shortcake

5 FullyRaw Salad Dressings

My 10 Year Journey Eating FullyRaw


A newer discovery is Fablunch and I really love her recipes :) And don’t forget to check out her drool worthy food blog!

How to make Mayonnaise | Vegan Mayo recipe

How to make nutella | 3 ingredient recipe

Best Butternut Squash Soup |  Vegan Soup recipe


If you need help with household issues like cleaning and keeping things in order then Clean my space is the place! I have yet to find a better account about cleaning. Melissa gives great tips and makes it all so much easier. When I first found this channel I binge watched her videos for days and couldn’t seem to get enough! I’m sure some of you are thinking how can watching cleaning videos be any fun!? If you’re a housewife then believe me – it is tons of fun :D

How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Routine

5 Homemade Cleaners! DIY Cleaning Products

I have mentioned my passion for dance so here are the channels of two of my favorite dancers on youtube 💗



Mr. Renzo ft Aidonia – Bend Ya Back choreo



I know what you’re all thinking “Twerking, really Mammu?” Just watch this girl, she is amazing and beautiful to watch!

Omarion “Ice Box” twerk choreo

And of course I can’t leave out my other passion – astrology. I truly enjoy the videos of these two ladies, I have learned a lot from them. Go ahead, get your birth chart and see what they say about you ;) Also a great way to find out more about your partner or how to approach someone you fancy.

Carolyn Mayberry


Moon Sign Series

Lada Duncheva


Astrology of Love & Relationships


Since we are on this a little bit mystical vibe, I want to introduce you Angel Souls. Her oracle card readings are a great way to prepare for the week or month ahead. No she is not a psychic, she just shows the energies that will rule the week or month, so we can be prepared :) I just love her energy and how she expresses herself. Not something for everyone, but why not give it a try.

Weekly August 10, 2015 Angel Oracle Card Reading

On to yoga. Sooooo many great channels for beginners and not, let me just quickly mention a few

Yoga with Adrienne


Morning Yoga. Energizing Yoga Seguence

Fightmaster Yoga


Morning Yoga for All Levels

Last but not least – Screen Junkies! They make hilarious honest trailers about films and tv series where they point out all the flaws practically and make fun of them. Believe me you need to check them out, I couldn’t stop watching them!


I hope you find something for your taste from this list :)

Happy Weekend ♥



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