Birch Tree – healing and medicinal properties


Hello again to all the lovely people reading this ✨ Today I’m going to talk about my favorite tree – birch, as I promised in my Trees and their energies post you can check it out for more information about birch.


– Birch tree leaves have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, wound healing and metabolism encouraging effect.
– Use dried leaves in your bath water for an extra energizing bath
– Nettle and birch pull (I don’t have a word for it in english so I’ll use pull, I will explain how to make it in a sec) is great to rinse your body after sauna cause birch renews skin cellules, fights fat and cellulite.
– Estonians have a tradition to dry (birch) tree branches with leaves on, tie them into sheafs and use them to gently (or not) whip their bodiess for health benefits.


Birch tree sheaf whip. Massages. Great after physical stress/work. Helps the muscles to relax, therefore great for muscle- and bonepains. Cleans the skin very well, great for those who have pimples and spots on back. Helps to heal faster wounds and scratches. Lifts the mood. Kills microbes. Strengthens organism and immune system. Restores soul harmony. Great energy for the weak and sick and those who are on their way to healing. Eases the suffering.
Has a special quality to strongly widen the small bronchi which favors the mucus discharge and improves the lungs ventilation. Great for smokers. To strengthen the hair and cure dandruff, wash with the pull of the whip.
Best time to use – moon in Pisces. Best time to collect – beginning of July. Best birch is the mourning birch (the branches are falling down like it’s sad) and near water.

The pull (decoction):
It is called the pull cause all the good things are pulled into the water from a plant.
-For the hair just leave the whip sheaf in the hot water and use that water later to wash your hair or use young leaves and buds, cover with hot water and use it after an hour or two.
-For internal use. Cover 2 teaspoons of leaves (it doesn’t say dried or fresh, probably minced cause how else you’re gonna fill a teaspoon) with 200ml of boiling water, leave for 30minutes. Wait till it’s cooled, drain it and take in 50ml 3-4 times a day.
-Not to be used during pregnancy and renal failure!


The air in a birch grove has been proven to be as clean as the air in an operation room!

Pour 2 classes of hot water over 100g young leaves. Leave for 3-4h. Drink 2-3 classes a day


-Dilutes bladder stones. Helps to heal stomach ulcers, pancreas headache, bronchitis, cough, rheumatism and arthritis.

Aaaand I guess we’re done with the lovely birch tree :) As always I hope you find something interesting or helpful from this post!
Until the next time,



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