Geminis – What many don’t see

Hiiiiii! Today I want to talk about the Geminis and what are the most common misunderstandings about them. Again, I’m not an astrologer I just speak from my experience, things I’ve noticed about Geminis. Also I am one myself, so it’s easy for me to confirm if something is true or not. Also I need to mention that this doesn’t mean all Geminis act or feel this way, or whatever sign I’m talking about. Everyone has their different influences in their chart, so of course someone is going to be like: “Hey, I don’t do this, but I am this sign.” It is common sense, if one thing doesn’t match, it doesn’t mean all astrology is fake. Hope that’s clear now.

Social butterflies, always on social media. I always read about how Geminis are the social network queens and kings, how they’re always on there and have all the accounts possible. Most of the Geminis I know are quite private and prefer stay low on social media sites. Including myself, I have cancelled my accounts on several occasions and there are periods when I really need to take a break. Also many Geminis hate the spotlight and fame.

Two faced. I mean yeah we are two faced, but not in that way. We have two (probably more) faces, cause we can see things from different perspectives at the same time. We can relate almost to everything. We do not fake to fit in somewhere, we just have parts of everything inside.

Cheaters, impossible to create a long term relationship. Everyone is so scared to date a Gemini, cause Geminis like to flirt and change their mind quite often. But when it comes to love, there is no game. I know a lot of long term couples and marriages, where one person is a Gemini. I myself am an example of that, 10 years baby :) Geminis are very caring and considerate of their partners. Just don’t try to cage us or control us, or the rebel twin will come out ;)

Coldhearted. Geminis are not coldhearted and emotionless, except for Kanye West :D Actually he does have one emotion – anger. But, what was I saying. Geminis are not very good with emotions, they get overwhelmed by too many emotions and just hide them under their mask. I believe that many Geminis are very hurt inside, probably they have been hurt in the past cause misunderstood. Geminis are pretty sensitive to be honest, like their neighbours Cancers, but they don’t like to show it.  Be gentle with them, I promise you will be positively surprised :)


Found these on tumblr (geminizone)


1) Despite the amount of hatred and comments they get about being heartless, they’re actually very big on caring, and often take others feelings into consideration before theirs.

2) They’re very strong minded. You cannot outthink or outsmart a Gemini. You can try doing so though; you won’t make it very far.

3) They know how to forgive, and will sometimes easily forgive.. They’ll never forget what you’ve done to them though, and will 9 times out of 10 not treat you in a way that you was treated before.

4) They are natural flirts, like it just happens. So boys and girls, if you’re in a relationship with a Gemini, please don’t be alarmed!

5) It is said constantly that Gemini’s are unable to stick around one thing for a long time, and always need change… BUT, once they find the one they truly love and admire, they’ll committed and very faithful.

6) They cry easily. Yes, I said it. The only reason you won’t catch a Gemini crying is because they’re always crying alone.

7) The littlest things excites a Gemini. They don’t expect and always want the big things.


1) Gemini’s may appear outgoing and bubbly, but they’re actually very shy people, and can get nervous quite easily.

2) A Gemini will go above and beyond investigating when it comes to receiving the information they truly want.

3) When a Gemini tells you they love you, believe it. Love isn’t something easily and commonly passed around when it comes to Gemini’s.

4) If a Gemini appears quiet to you, don’t believe they’re quiet! Just saying.

5) You cannot tell a Gemini what not to do without them doing it. They hate following rules sometimes.

6) Gemini’s tend to very independent. We’ll only depend on those who’s worth depending on, and that’s rare to find.

7) You cannot lie to a Gemini. We may accept and entertain your lies, but that does not mean we believe you; we’re going to just not tell you.

And that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post about Geminis and that it might help you, with Geminis in your life. I would love to hear your experiences with Geminis, bad or good. Don’t worry, I won’t get offended – there are some crazy gems out there, I’ve met them…. So yeah, let me know, cause I’m one curious gemini ;) And leave your sign as well. Take care peeps,


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11 thoughts on “Geminis – What many don’t see

  1. the text about being fake… is that why so many actors are gemini?
    its pretty well known gems are shallow aiirheads. maybe u must have planets in other signs that truth does matter to. no offense meant.


    1. There are just as many, or even less gemini actors then there are cancers, libras, capricorns and pisces. Sure gems can be shallow airheads, but that’s the auto mode, when there is something else going on beneath and sure there are some that shallow airheads is all there is. What is your sun sign (no, I won’t be throwing dirt on your sign, just curious)? If you have any interesting stories about geminis you’ve met, I’d love to read them. Thanks for hopping by :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. il segno dei gemelli è uno dei più belli dello zodiaco. Tutti amano i gemelli, NOI siamo un segno onesto, leale, amichevole, giocoso, allegro…chi dice che abbiamo 2 facce non ci conosce, non sa che noi parliamo in faccia! Amo il mio/nostro segno!
    Ah…sono sposata da 15 anni e sto insieme a mio marito da 20 anni hahahahahahha non amiamo le lunghe relazioni? Ah sì certo come no :)
    bacio bella gemellina x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Esattamente! I genitori della mia amica (padre gemelli) stanno insieme da 30 anni e i miei suoceri (suocero gemelli) stanno insieme da quasi 40 anni :D Non so come mai così tanta gente vede i gemelli nella luce sbagliata!
      Gemelli sono ottimi amici e danno sempre più del dovuto e spesso sono anche troppo buoni e gente se ne approfitta :(
      Io ho una relazione odio-amore con il mio segno :P A volte mi faccio arrabbiare quando non riesco essere costante nelle cose!
      Bacio cara <3

      Liked by 1 person

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