OOTD #26 – Aqua Peplum

Ps! This was supposed to up on Thursday, I mixed up the days. But since it’s already up, I’m not gonna take it down to post it again on Thursday. :D

Hello sweethearts! I am writing this post from my phone as I already have it drafted here and the photos are taken with my phone. So yeah, sorry for the quality, but I really wanted to share this cute outfit ^.^


This is my first peplum, before I was a peplum-virgin, believe it or not :D There were some great offers in Terranova during the sales, I had to get this. I wanted a white one, but I thought better not – I would ruin it the first day. Also it’s a size S, practically most of stuff there was so I just got two things.

I paired this lovely aqua peplum top with two different long skirts. The black skirt is more casual. I could go to a wedding with the floral skirt combo, instead I only went to get groceries :D Ah, the life of a stay-at-home mommy :P



Black skirt – random chinese shop
Sandals – Denzel, Xcess
Peplum top – Terranova
Earrings – boutique in Veliko Tarnovo (closer look)
Necklace – boutique in Veliko Tarnovo




Floral skirt – Bonprix, b.p.c
Sandals – Denzel, Xcess
Peplum top – Terranova
Earrings – random chinese shop (closer look – on the left)
Necklace – Tally Weijl
Bracelet – handmade by hubs friends girlfriend ^.^

I hope these bad quality photos didn’t make you feel sick and that you liked the outfits ^.^

Talk to you soon loves,


Schedule update: Tuesdays and Thursdays are the some, however I decided to make Saturday a universal posting day, a jolly to post whatever I have to post. For example right now I have so many beauty related posts in line, so I’ll put out some on Saturdays, For now I also eliminated Wednesdays, if I feel like posting about food I will do that on Saturday. Sorry for the changes, but as I said I am trying out this schedule thing, so I need to move things around a bit to see which way fits the best. You can keep an eye on my Schedule page for any changes.


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