Impala Foundation Review


Hola peeps :) I have some reviews waiting in line and today I’m sharing some thoughts on this foundation.

– Made in Germany

–  longlasting & waterproof

– Collagen, Vitamin E & UV-filter



It’s made in Germany, which makes it automatically not-tested on animals. Atleast from what I’ve read, the whole EU has laws about animal testing now, so all the products made inside EU countries are not tested on animals. Thumbs up for that!


impala foundation1

This foundation is high coverage and definitely longlasting. The fact that it’s also waterproof, makes it perfect for those hot summer parties, it won’t be melting away from your face. But it is very thick, so thick it makes it hard to blend and it’s a bit uncomfortable on the skin. In fact, I sometimes use it as a concealer due to it’s thickness. Also I notice that if I use it more than 3 days a row, it starts to break me out a bit. Which is not a surprise considering how thick of a consistency it is, the skin can barely breathe under there.

Here’s a closer look, so you can see how it sits on my skin :)

Conclusion: I would recommend this if you need a cheap foundation to use on occasions, like a party for a couple of hours. You know it will cover all the imperfections and last throughout the night/occasion.


In case you’re wondering, what else I have on my face. I didn’t use any concealer, just added an extra layer of foundation where needed (f.e under my eyes). I set the foundation with alverde mineral powder 02 natural, which is a little darker then the foundation (which does not match my skintone in the summer). For the blush I chose a peachy pink shade from the BH Cosmetics 10 color blush palette. I added Maybelline Colorama blush 601 highlighter on my cheekbones, browbone and inner corners of my eyes. For my brows I sprayed some alverde fixing spray on my brow brush, combed them out and then filled them in with my essence brow designer pencil 04 blonde. I mixed two mascaras – alverde false lashes and essence I love extreme crazy volume. On my lips I have essence xxxl shine lipgloss 07 big night out.


Have you ever heard of this brand? Do they sell Impala where you live? If you’ve already tried something from this brand let me know in the comments :)


Take care lovlies,




5 thoughts on “Impala Foundation Review

  1. I recently discovered Impala cosmetic in my local shop. At the moment I use Impala foundation02 and Impala compact powder05 and I am very satisfied. Foundation so good matches my skin tone better than some more expensive brands. I have no problematic skin so I feel very fine with this on my face. Very good foundation, longlasting.

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