Haul: Lilly | Denzel


Hello Hello my sweet butterflies! I got a chance to do some shopping yayyy. I’m all about that simple life and nature and stuff, but I’m still a young woman and therefore I like to buy stuff :D Yes to spirituality, to minimalistic lifestyle, to stepping out of the ego, to going back to your roots, to embracing natural beauty, to saying no to consumerism. But the most important part is to not feel guilty, when you do like to enjoy what the 3D world has to offer. Guilt only brings bad energy to you and actually creates the energy that you are guilty of something. We are allowed to enjoy also the material side of the life, no need to feel guilty for that :)


bioten eye makeup remover I actually wanted to get a different makeup remover to try, cause I didn’t like it that much, but I couldn’t find anything and I was too lazy to go to another store

Velnea Anti Cellulite Ivy Gel I usually don’t buy these products, cause I never believe in them, but this one caught my eye and I though what the heck and went and got it

Bilka Shampoo against dry dandruff I’m almost out of my Velnea anti-dandruff shampoo so I wanted to try another one. The Velnea one definitely helped me with itchiness, but not so much with dandruff


Ah, you know the essentials ;) Although I won’t be needing these razors anymore soon enough, cause autumn is coming. Yayyyy for long pants and not having to shave every other day! Who else is excited for that? lol



I have never used CC and BB creams before, so let’s see how it goes :) I am very excited to try them out!


essence kajal pencil 04 white

essence lip liner 06 Satin Muave I am running out of the first one and I absolutely needed to have a backup, cause this is my new all-time favorite lip color/product! Makeup with Satin Muave

Golden Rose precision eyeliner Intense Black It has a nice thin point, I can’t wait to use it


Golden Rose Dipliner This one has a thicker tip, I’ll use this to draw a line on my lid and then create the wing with the other one

flormar Mono Eye Shadow 03 Pearly Gold I initially thought it was a highligher, it is such a gorgeous soft gold shade. I already wore it today on my eyes and as a highlighter ^.^

essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base Until now I only used the other essence eye base, but I’ve heard good things about this one


Catrice duo eyeshadow brush

ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set Finally some new brushes for me! I swear it is so hard to find eyeshadow brushes in regular drugstores here! How cute is this little set and it’s all made from bamboo and recycled materials. Blend – Define – Smudge – Shade


All the previous stuff was from a drugstore chain called Lilly and this stuff is now from a Chinese chain store Denzel. Yes yes I know how unsafe made in China is, but I’m stupid enough to still fall for it…..

 Can you believe, that I have never used sponges in my makeup!? I think I tried once and was like nope. That was probably cause I didn’t know how, but since then I have watched plenty of youtube tutorials, so everything should be fine…right?


As you can see I am preparing for the fall. I needed some new pants cause instead of getting thinner during the summer like normal people, my butt decided to start growing :( Actually I don’t even mind, I kinda like it that way to be honest ;)



In the evening I made a quick trip to dm, cause I forgot hairspray and concealer. I got Wella wellaflex long lasting flexible hold Instant Volume Boost Mousse and as I am reading the packaging I read mousse instead of hairspray *crying* I looked so many times to not to get mousse by accident! Whyyyyyyyyyy!? For concealer I decided to try alverde cream to  powder concealer 20 natural beige


If you’re interested in a product and want me to start trying out something right away for a review, please let me know in the comments <3 Are you starting to prepare for fall already? It’s still quite hot during the day, but the air has already changes here. You can smell the autumn and nights are getting cold! Take care butterflies and talk to you soon!



10 thoughts on “Haul: Lilly | Denzel

    1. Grazie :) Finora i prodotti di bioten che ho provato sono abbastanza nella media (struccante e tonico), niente di speciale insomma. Vedremo come va con la cc ^.^ Baci xx


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