essence I love extreme crazy volume mascara|review

Happy Saturday peeps ^.^ First of all I am sorry for very bad quality pictures. I took these pictures with my phone a while ago and now I’ve finished this mascara, so I can’t re-take the pictures.


crazy 1

I needed a new mascara so I went online to see which essence mascara was the best, many girls said this was the best for them, so I went out and bought it. When I started using it I also happened to read a lot of negative reviews as well.

crazy 2

Personally I find it to be a very good mascara, gives great length and volume. The formula is nice and it doesn’t crumble away during the day like some mascaras do. The applicator is not the best here, I used a lash comb to get rid of the clumps. I can see how the big applicator can be a problem with those with very short lashes or small eyes. Also the packaging gets very messy, cause every time you put the tap back on, some of the mascara leaks out. I don’t really care, but I can see how it can make someone crazy :D

crazy 3 crazy 4

If you have small eyes or very short lashes or you really hate messy packagings then this mascara is not for you.

Otherwise it’s a good mascara that will give you volume and length and will last all day long :)


That’s all I have to say. You know I like to keep my reviews short and sweet (bitter lol).

Bye Bye



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