Empties #11


Let’s just jump right into this post, shall we? :)


Cien Orange Sky shower gel It has a very strong orange candy scent, which is either good or bad, depending how much you like strong sweet scents. I didn’t mind the smell too much, but I won’t be buying it again. I don’t even need to read the ingredients to know, that it’s full of crap :D

Malizia Fresh Care deodorant spray Some cheap ass deodorant I picked up, when I ran out of deodorant. Not too bad, but I’m not a fan of the strong sweet scent.


Bilka aqua collection natura Face Washing Gel Looking at the packaging you could say it seems like a nice natural product with pure cucumber water and cucumber & melon extract, and the name that says “natura”. Then you flip it and on the second place you have sodium laureth sulfate followed by other not so nice ingredients. This is actually my second bottle of this, just because it is not easy to find something more natural and chemical free (and I’m lazy….and poor :D) It does take off the makeup and cleans the face, but the scent is pretty strong (that fake too sweet smell) and I don’t like it. If I remember well it’s also not the most delicate face wash. I am very happy with my current face wash that I just reviewed (read here ).

Garnier Essentials gentle cleansing milk One day I was complaining about my skin and said I needed a toner, this is what my husband bought me instead lol. I mean I didn’t ask him to buy anything so thumbs up for him for the effort hehhee I don’t like Garnier, I didn’t like it’s products before and now I don’t like the fact they test on animals (disclaimer: I still use some non cruelty-free brand products, but it’s either cause I already had them before or cause I just didn’t know. I am taking it one step/one product at a time and try to use more and more cruelty free products). With that said, it was quite decent, not too harsh and removed my makeup.


Astra Rolling Crystal volume gloss I’ve had it for quite some time, but I never wear it. It’s a gorgeous color, but it looks patchy and ugly and not smooth and nice as a gloss is supposed to :/ So out it goes!

essence I love extreme crazy volume mascara I just reviewed it ( see here )

Kiko precision eyeliner This has lasted me a long time and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it. Let me tell you, it is definitely a precision eyeliner! The tip is not suitable for drawing  a wing, but I just used it to draw a thicker line on my lid.


essence Stay Natural concealer 03 soft nude This concealer has been in my empties before and I really like it. It’s cheap, does a good job, nice creamy consistency, I just wish it didn’t finish so quickly!

essence coverstick 04 true nude Not so good, but I still keep buying it, cause it’s the cheapest one :D

Have a good start to your week ♥



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