My Anxiety and Stress what to do

Hello again my lovely readers ♥ This weekend was quite stressful to me and I don’t even need a lot to let my stress and anxiety to take over. I get stressed very very easily until I get to the panic mode, I break down and then I choose: Do I continue harming myself and the quality of my life with this? Or do I calm the fuck down and do something about it? The answer leads to todays post – What do I do, to get out of this stressed human wreck status? I am not going to talk about all the things you can do, cause there are so many different things to do. I’m just going to share, what I do and hope that this will inspire you to find your own way :)

Why? A lot of times we don’t even know why we are feeling this way. If you suffer from anxiety, the smallest things can trigger it, you may think there is no problem, but usually there is, it’s just hidden inside of you. Hidden or non hidden, write down everything that is stressing you, the things that need to be done, a problem to be solved, conflict with someone, health problem that’s bothering – whatever is taking away your peace of mind. While you do that, you start to see some things are not worth worrying about, now that everything is laid down in front of you, you can see more clearly.

Make a plan. Take control. Now take each of these problems individually and write down what needs to be done to solve them. You’re having a conflict with someone? Do you need to apologize or  maybe you need to eliminate them from your life. Or maybe it’s someone from work, who you can’t ignore. Then find a way to keep your own calm. There is always a solution, a way to make it better. You’re having money troubles? See where you are spending most and what things are essential and what not. I’ve found that the best way is to plan ahead, see exactly how much you need for food and other essentials week and put away that for every week and then go from there. Now that you know you won’t be starving you have a little more clarity and peace of mind and you can concentrate on how to earn more money. You have a health problem? Depending on a problem, visit the doctor, do your research and from there make your plan – do you need to change eating habits, which kind of remedies do you need, how to do that and so on. Once you have your plan, your steps down on paper you can see the full picture, you can see the solution and that reduces a lot of stress and anxiety already.

Stop thinking, start doing. The more things you do physically, the less you will think about all the problems that need to be dealt with. I understood that the days I do most I feel the best not only because I’ve done something useful with my day, but cause I didn’t sit around worrying about every detail or crying about my past or whatever. If your cause of stress is having too much to do, see which things need to be dealt with immediately and start doing that instead of wasting time worrying. And see if there is something, that someone can help you with.

The right music. Too much noise and music can stress us out, even if it’s the music you like. It is better to take a break completely or listen to nice relaxing music, that will help to clean you from all these negative energies. I have to admit, that I have a music addiction problem, that is very bad for me. Some periods I listen to music all the time, with headphones. In part I do that to escape from reality and from the present moment, but let me tell you, this only leads to trouble and more stress. Here are some great channels on youtube, that can help you to balance and clean your energies:

Ultimate Relax Club


PowerThoughts Meditation Club

Derek & Brandon Fiecther

Binaural Beats Sounds

Body Mind Zone

Brainwave Hub

This is what I listened this morning and it already made me feel so much better!


The usual relax stuff. And to all that add all the relaxing ingredients you need – meditation, sitting in silence, burning incense, candles or oils (lavender, coconut, peppermint, roman chamomile, clary sage, bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, sweet marjoram, ylang ylang, lemon). Go outside, take a walk, connect with nature, walk barefoot. That was my plan, but I couldn’t convince my younger son to go outside, I’ll try to it. in the afternoon if it won’t rain.

Don’t try to escape. When the feeling started to overdo me, my first idea was: how can I make it go away, how to ignore it, I can’t deal with this feeling without numbing myself with some kind of drug – alcohol, cigarettes, food, medicine. Yes, I know it’s a very ugly though, but I’m sure I’m not the only one! Important thing is I didn’t give in to it! I know I’m boring, when I say this, but eat healthy fresh foods not junk food. Believe me, junk food will make you feel worse! It will take your mind off it for a moment and then leave you feeling disgusted about yourself and your body will not appreciate it either. Healthy fresh fruits and veggies, will help you get over your stress much quicker and help you think with clarity :)

Ok, I think I said more or less everything I wanted. I wish you a stress free rest of the week. Remember, that you are not alone and don’t let the stress and anxiety to control you! There is always a solution, a way out. It may be uncomfortable and unpleasant for some time, but it will pass! If you try to escape it, it will always catch up and you’ll just waste your time and energy without concluding anything!

I love you all!



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