Review: Alverde False Lashes mascara


As you can see I’m back with another mascara review and this time I have good quality photos woop woop :D Trying to change my products to more natural, I had to try out this alverde mascara.


The first thing I noticed was the strong scent, it’s a sweet-bitter kind of smell, ot sure how to describe it. I have to say it was too strong in the beginning, it even made my eyes water a little the first times I used it. The good news is, that it faded away with every use. I can’t say it’s the best formula: it is pretty liquid and takes a lot of time to dry, it doesn’t give much volume and not too much length either and it crumbles away during the day leaving you with no mascara on lashes and black crumbs all over your face!


What I did like was the applicator, it does a great job separating the lashes. It’s kind of flat from one side and after taking photos for this review I discovered a better way to use it to give more volume and length, I needed to use the flat side and drag it from the bottom to the top on the lashes, no zig zag. So I can get my lashes looking longer and fuller than on these photos if I put more effort in it. Anyway, I like this applicator so much, I’m going to keep it and wash it when I finish this mascara :D


Here you can see the results. Do you guys also have a “bad eye”, like that one eye where lashes always look crappier than on the other one? And you can never get them look the same?

I’m definitely not going to buy this mascara again and honestly I’m a little afraid to try other alverde mascaras as well. But I shouldn’t judge the whole brand by this mascara, even the best brands have their not so great products, am I right? :)

Take care my lovely ones,



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