OOTD #27 – Fall is here

Hello darlings :) I have a quick little outfit of the day to share with you. Unfortunately the photos are taken with my phone and not my camera. I was out with my kids and my older son hasn’t learned to take photos with a camera yet. I mean he could but it’s not that easy to get it right. Anyway I feel such a terrible parent, using my kids to take photos for blog :D:D:D


Jeans: Denzel, M-Sara Jeans

Shoes: Street market in Sofia

Black shirt: Gruppofiori Italia

Animal print blouse: F&F

Bag: Bonprix

Earrings: Accessori from Scarpe&Scarpe

Necklace: Tally Weijl


On this second picture I kind of look like I’m 5months pregnant, but I assure you it’s just this shirt that look weird! :D And under here a closer look of the necklace and earrings, which are my favorite earrings <3 I kept my makeup very minimal and natural looking today :)


It’s been getting colder here in Bulgaria and it feels great. It’s nice not to force myself to go out at 8-9 in the morning because later the sun will burn us. It’s nice not to panic, cause I have to go out, but I didn’t shave cause it’s too hot for wearing something long. It’s nice to have my makeup in place and not melting away from my face. Yayyy for fall ^.^

Have a happy week my sweet readers,



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