Throwback Outfits from 2012

Hey there lovlies, I found some old outfit photos from my computer and I thought it would be fun to share them. I published them on my old blogs, back when I had a blog in italian and other one in english. I cancelled them, but I think some of you might still remember these outfits :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post.


thb outfit 1

I got this long shirt from a street market and I love it. It immediately dresses up any outfit, but in a nice simple way :) I don’t remember where I got the boots from, but I do remember my cats scratching the heels badly and I had to throw them away :(


thb outfit 2

Most of the times I keep my outfits quite simple, just like this one. This cute lace shirt is from Tally Weijl and the jeans were given to me by my sister-in-law. The booties are from Scarpe&Scarpe and I can’t believe they have lasted me three years! I need to change the laces, but they’re still all in one piece. I like that the heel isn’t too hisg and they’re just overall cute ^-^


thb outfit 3

You have seen this dress a couple of times on my blog already (here and here), it’s definitely my most worn dress and it’s from BonPrix website. The blouse should be from Tally Weijl. I wore these white flats to pieces – literally, and they were from Scarpe&Scarpe.


thb outfit 4

How cute are these shoes! I’ve only worn them twice in all these years, too high to run around with my kids and also a little too tight :/ The shirt and shoes are both from BonPrix. The belt might be Tally Weijl, but I really can’t remember! These jeans are so nice, but I have no idea where did they go or where were they from….:D

 I have to say, that my style hasn’t changed much since then and I’d still wear all of them. Now which one of these was your favorite and would you were them?

Have a great weekend,


14 thoughts on “Throwback Outfits from 2012

  1. Che bella che sei *___* ti stanno benissimo questi outfit!
    Comunque volevo dirti che ho appena aperto una pagina e mi farebbe molto piacere un tuo passaggio per potermi dire cosa devo migliorare e cosa no!
    grazie mille

    Liked by 1 person

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