My family weird flu/cold remedies

Cabbage – One time when I was already living in Italy, I had a really bad flu and my throat was killing me and my tonsils were huge. My mom told me to put cabbage leaves on my tonsils (on the neck of course not to stuff them down my throat) and tie up with a scarf. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. My husband (then boyfriend) and his mother (we lived with his parents) thought I was nuts and laughed quite a bit. I got the last laugh, cause in the morning my tonsils weren’t swollen anymore! I have read so many stories about cabbage leaves healing inflammations and swellings overnight! Many had tried creams, antibiotics and all, but only cabbage leaf helped them. So yayyy for cabbage!

Vodka socks – It is very common in Estonia to use this to lower the fever.  Dilute vodka 1:1 with water, dip the socks or just a cloth in the mix, squeeze out the excess and put on the socks, cover with a plastic bag (if you want to) and then put on other warm socks. Keep them on until they warm up. It is used on children and adults both.

Cognac shots – This one is from my dad. He always says that when you start to feel like a cold is coming, take a shot of cognac, pour it in some coffee and drink it. I’m not sure how much this helps, I think it’s supposed to warm you up from the inside quickly. But I think he uses this only cause cognac and coffee are his favorite things :D

Honey on the nose – You know when you have a runny nose and the skin under the nose and on your nose can’t take it anymore, it’s red and even broken. Just put some honey on it for the night and it will heal it. Not gonna lie, it’s not very comfortable having sticky honey on your face….. but I promise you it works wonders! It’s better to use the lighter firmer honey, not the liquid one.

Potato steam – instead of using those special steam thingies, my mom (as did many others) made me breathe the steam from boiled potatoes with a towel over my head! It’s a good expectorant.



I hope you found this post interesting, that’s all I can remember now :)

Take care!



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