Luule Viilma teachings: Love your Body

No, we are not going to talk about the usual “Love your body” topic, which is about loving the physical aspects of your body and accepting your imperfections. It’s important to do that, but today I want to go deeper and share with you things I learned from Luule Viilma.

Our Body is not Us, he/she is our partner in life, who’s purpose is to love Us unconditionally and to help Us learn the lessons of Our life. It’s the Body, that shows Us where the problem is located, since every part of is linked to a certain topic/stress. Sometimes it takes years to accumulate, other times Our Body reacts instantly. For example you get really angry for something and the next day you have a really bad rash!

Our Body is our friend, who only wants the best for Us, but what do we do? We hate them, we hurt them physically, we feed crap and poison into them, complain about them. We don’t rest, when we’re tired or sick, we hurt ourselves purposely to punish ourselves, but we’re only punishing our Bodies! He/she doesn’t have a say on anything, he/she just sits there, while we abuse them and take them for granted, yet they still keep loving Us and doing the best they can for Us! Think about it, and feel the pain of your Body! Maybe tears will fall down from your eyes, I know I cried the first time I read about it and tears are falling also now, while writing this for You! I needed a reminder too! Now that you’ve realized how bad have you treated your Body, take the next step:

Ask your body to forgive you, say how sorry you are – sincerely! Sorry for all the bad you have done to Him/Her! Sorry for not doing the good! Sorry for not noticing all the signals your Body sent you! Sorry for not knowing the right way to think about Him/Her! Sorry for having been mean to your Body! Sorry for whatever comes to your mind that moment, for a concrete situation where you harmed Him/Her. 

Forgive Yourself for not knowing all that before and for not doing the right thing before. Send your Love to your Body and Love Yourself! 

If you feel chills or tremors coming all over your Body and feel like you want to hug your Body, then this means your Body heard you and forgave you! If you keep up the good work, then you can be healthy and see the signs your Body is sending you to heal whatever problem/illness comes.

This is so important! Talk to your Body, treat Him/Her as your friend, as your equal! Say:”Good morning Body, I love you! Today is going to be a good day!” Say:”Good night Body, I love you! I’m going to have a good night sleep!” Just by doing this simple thing, your life quality will improve a lot! Whenever you feel pain or discomfort in a part of your body, as a first thing send it Love, say I Love You to that body part as many times as you need and see how warm and tingly it starts to feel. Of course I am not saying to not to go to the doctor, when you have a serious problem! I think that is obvious, if not, then it’s not me who’s the crazy one :D Anyway, Love can never hurt, it will only heal. All the problems in this world, ALL OF THEM are from the lack of Love, which means, the only true medicine is Love!

I hope you learned something from this post or got an important reminder. Please love your Bodies, love Yourselves and love others! Now, if you excuse me, I have some talking to do with my Body!

Sending you all so much love,



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