September’15 Favorites

sept fave 1

Hello loves :) A week ago it was still summer and now we’re full on fall mode! Here are my favorites from September!

sept fave 2

Philips Care CurlControl HP8618 I am so happy for this purchase! Remember how I always whine about how my hair doesn’t hold curls? Well I guess I never tried a decent curling wand before! I’m so glad I can enjoy curls now (if it only stopped raining :D). It takes just a few seconds to heat up, it’s super easy to use and my curls stay all-day and the next day my hair still has a nice wave!

sept fave 7
I’m still perfecting my curling skills, but here’s the result :) In case you’re wondering I only have foundation and brows on

sept fave 4

Herbal Hand Cream The hand cream season has arrived and I’m loving these two. They have a lovely sweet and not too strong scent, not too liquid neither too sticky and leave my hands feeling moisturized.

alverde Cream to Powder Concealer in the shade 10 natural beige. I’m really enjoying this concealer. I’m going to do a review, cause everyone deserves to know about great cruelty free and natural products ^.^ After the flop with alverde false lashes mascara I’m glad to know that this company has also great products ;)

sept fave 3

KIKO Light Impulse Face palette 01 cool muave contouring Haven’t been using this for a while and in September I fell in love again with the blush in this palette. It’s such a nice color for the fall.

sept fave 6
Here’s how the blush looks on :)

sept fave 5

Impala foundation No.1 + Velnea BB cream Nude These two alone are not the greatest product ever, but as a mix I’m loving these! In the Impala Foundation review I said that this foundation has a too thick consistency, which makes it hard to blend and doesn’t let skin to breathe, which causes me to break out if I use it more than two days in the row. Mixing it with Velnea BB cream solves all that, it blends beautifully I have no break out. Even more, when I have a pimple it almost seems like the BB creams helps it to disappear faster! This is an amazing combination, love love love it!

Fake beauty blender I got this cheap ass spongy without having much expectations, but I was positively surprised by it. Definitely going to get another one, when this wears out :)


And for my last favorite – Pachka! She has a great character and she’s very smart (don’t all owners and mothers say this, but I swear she is :D). Here she was waiting for pancakes, she’s obsessed!!!!! I read somewhere that persian cats don’t like bread or pasta and she loves both! :D Also it makes me so happy, that my other cat, Tudor gets along with her :) Actually he doesn’t care, he runs away cause he wants to be left alone, but she keeps following him everywhere and tries to play with him.

Have an unusally pleasant Monday ;)



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