OOTD #28 – Thank you Kätlin

Hi loves, how is everyone doing?  How October treating you so far? I haven’t put out an outfit post in some time, at least not a decent one. I still cringe at the outfit posts I did, when I didn’t have a computer and had to use my lame ass phone camera.  I’m too lazy to bring with me my camera, it’s so bulky and heavy but my hubs phone has a much better photo quality, so we’re just gonna have to make it work :P


The sweater dress and boots are a gift from my lovely friend Kätlin. You know how girl friends always exchange clothes and give to each other, what they don’t wear. Well unfortunately we can’t meet up to do all that since she is in Estonia and I’m in Bulgaria, so she was so sweet and sent a huge package on my way with lots of pretty things! I honestly loved every piece she sent me and everything fits perfectly. I wanted to do like a haul/try on post about the stuff, but you know me – lazy, lazy lazy! I just thought you’ll see all the things in my outfit posts anyway, little by little. If you think I should do the haul post anyway, let me know in the comments!

Thanks Kätu for all the stuff you sent me! Love you! ♥

picmonk ootd

I’m glad I decided to wear a sweater dress over my Tally Weijl skirt at the end, cause with a normal shirt the wind would’ve blown my skirt up all the time! The belt came with a BonPrix dress (the purple floral one you’ve seen me wearing a lot) and the purse is from New Look. And yes, I know I really need a new bag, something for this season, I’m working on it!

IMG-20151006-WA0006 (1)

And here’s a photo of a random building (National Assembly) in the center of Sofia :D One day I need to go and make actual tourist photos of Sofia for you guys! One day, one day….

Have a good start to your week lovely readers and friends!



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