Makeup Look – Going Dark

going dark1

Well hello peeps :) Today (saturday 10th) I placed a Makeup Revolution order (which I can’t wait to receive!) and it made me wanna play around with makeup. I didn’t have anywhere to be so I thought I’d try something out of my comfort zone. I think most of you know I prefer lighter colors on my eyes and lips. At the end I really love the way it came out and I would totally consider going out like this too. I asked hubs if he’d go out with me if I wore this makeup, he said yeah sure, but you kind of look like you got punched on both eyes……:D:D:D:D:D That’s ok, he doesn’t understand bahahahaha But you know what else I love? These earrings! Aren’t they so fabulous?!

going dark4

The picture below is a little foggy, I already mentioned in one of the latest makeup post that my camera was acting weird :/ I thought it was the settings, but I’m afraid my camera is dying. I hope I can fix it or I’m going to have to use hubs phone until christmas :(

For this look I used Kiko Light Impulse elegant shadows collection palette, I have never used this palette for a complete eye look. I really want to start using my palettes more and this is a lovely palette, the colors are really pigmented.  The grey in the inner corner and light brown transition colors are from the BH 120 color palette.

going dark2

Face: Bottega Verde age sublime face cream

essence coverstick 04 true nude

alverde Cream to Powder Concealer 10 natural beige

Impala foundation No.1 + Velnea BB cream Nude

Malinka Silk Effect compact powder 02

BH cosmetics 10 color blush palette (bronzer)

Neve cosmetics mineral blush Bombay

Brows: alverde fixing spray

essence eyebrow stylist set

Eyes: essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base

Kiko Light Impulse 02 elegant shadows collection

BH cosmetics 120 colors eyeshadow palette

Maybelline Expert Eyes Crayon Oriental in Black

alverde False Lahes mascara

Malinka, Dailamei eyelashes A-31

Lips: itStyle matita labbra 4

Kiko Unlimited lipgloss 05 Rosa Baby Perlato

going dark 5

I even did a little contouring today and it didn’t suck. Woohoo! I rarely ever contour and that is also why I suck at it :P But yeah, I really really love how this look came out and I am now a little less scared of dark colors :)

Have a wonderful weekend sweethearts!



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