MOTD #45 – Dark Purple Eyes


Hey babes <3 How was your weekend? I am still in the mood for darker colors since I did my last makeup look (Makeup Look – Going Dark). This time I was craving some purple, I even created a new  pinterest board for only purple eye makeup looks (Eye makeup: Purple).


I love the way this makeup turned out, but let me just say something. I need to get this off my chest – purple eyeshadows do not compliment green eyes! I think that every time I wear whatever purple shade and also when I see makeup looks on internet.  I don’t know what it is, Every time I do a purple eye makeup I want to scream out loud that purple is not the best color for green eyes and it doesn’t make green eyes pop! I mean it doesn’t look awful, but there are way better versions out there! If I may suggest, use peachy and light golden colors to make your green eyes bright and happy and not dead looking…. Dark greens are also great :)


I think this makeup would look a lot better on someone with brown/dark eyes, but I still love the way it came out :) I used Kiko Light Impulse elegant shadows collection and BH cosmetics 120 colors eyeshadow palette. To get this lip color I mixed: essence lipliner 06 satin muave, Kiko Luminous Chrome 715 fuchsia and Kiko Unlimited lipgloss 06.


Look, it matched my scarf too. It wasn’t planned, I promise :D


♥ ♥ ♥


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