Empties #12


Happy Monday Loves <3 Let’s take a look at these products I’ve used up :)


Schwarzkoph Keratin Strong Balsam Spray – I didn’t finish it, I am throwing it out. I can’t say it’s a bad product, but it just isn’t for me. I feel like it makes my hair too strong, but in a bad way, like very hard and stiff. I’ve noticed this with other hair products, that have keratin, too. Now I just avoid hair products with keratin in them, I just don’t like the feeling. Does anyone had similar experience or feel the same way? Or am I the only one and don’t make any sense? :D

Velnea Anti-dandruff Sensitive Shampoo – It was an ok shampoo. I didn’t do much for my dandruff, but it didn’t make it worse either. Normal shampoos make my scalp go crazy and itchy, but this did a decent job containing that. I wouldn’t buy it again though.


Velnea Anti Cellulite Ivy Gel – As always, I do everything backwards, like starting to use a cellulite gel in the autumn, when the summer is over :D My husband was very surprised, when I bought this, cause I never buy this kind of products (cellulite, fat or scar gels or creams), cause I just don’t believe in them. But for some reason I wanted to try it. But I can’t tell you if it works, cause one tube is not enough and your supposed to use it twice a day, I only used it once a day and I might of skipped a day here and there……. I think I’m going to buy it again at one point so I can see if it works or not.

Ventoni cosmetics, Afrodita Sensitive Skin Hand Cream, rose water & lanolin – I was really exited for this hand cream, cause it’s supposed to have natural ingredients and such, but it just sucks as a cream. Have you ever had a hand cream, that dries your hands even more? Well, this does, after 30 minutes of applying my hands felt very dry :/


essence Colour Arts eye base – Unfortunately this eye base is out of production. Whyyyyyyy?! Why essence?! I do like their other eye primer, but this one was even better. Goodbye old friend…..

Rimmel Stay Matte compact powder 001 transparent – It was a great powder, but I won’t be buying it again, cause – animal testing! Not cool Rimmel, not cool!

she stylezone eyebrow gel – You can find this product only in dm, since it’s a dm brand.  Anyway I really liked this and it kept my brows in place all day long and probably would’ve for the night as well. The only thing is that I used it on top of my brow powder and it dried white, leaving not attractive white residue on my brows. If I decide to buy this again I’ll definitely use it before I fill in my brows :)

Take care friends,



7 thoughts on “Empties #12

  1. La colour art eye base ce l’ho e la alterno al primer..tengono bene entrambe ma questa è trooooppo appiccicosa quando la si stende XD ovvio che quando ci si mette su l’ombretto si risolve, però è molto fastidiosa come cosa!

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    1. Neanche la cipria di Rimmel? Gli altri capisco, sono marche acquistati qua. Velnea è una marcha dalla Serbia se non sbaglio , la crema mani è Made In Bulgaria e il gel per le soprracciglia è tedesca.


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