Pine Tree – Uses & Medicinal Properties

Hello dear readers, I hope you all had a lovely Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead ! Let’s see what we can find out about the good old pine tree :) Pharmaceutical formulations from pine growths and resin were already known in BC. Scientists have read about the uses of pine from the Sumerian Clay Tablets and in the Ancient Egypt, pine resin was one of the components for embalming.

Pine growths (the young parts in the spring) essential oils  improve respiratory metabolism, kill germs inhabiting the mouth and nose, help against bronchitis, flu and angina.

Pine baths have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory function  for rheumatism and nerve pain, renal colic, hemorrhoids and skin diseases.

In recent years they have started isolating some plant hormones from the growths of the pine, which shows that non traditional healers have been right using them for neurosis, abundant menstrual blood and general fatigue.

-1tbls of growths for 1glass of boiling water, let it boil for 20 minutes on low heat under a lid and let it sit in a warm place for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink half a glass at a time after a meal.

Using it over a week can irritate the stomach and liver!

For inhalation put 2tbls of growths in 0,5l of water and boil on low heat

Vitamin drink: Chop the needles (1kg) finely (with scissors), add hot water(2l), sugar(0,5kg) or honey(0,25 kg) and citric acid (1teaspoon). During the winter keep it in a warm place under a lid for 8-10days, strain and then place in a cold place)

Collect the growths in February-March, when they just start to dilate. Dry under a roof outside (like on the porch where it’s covered) or in the attic, but they need a good ventilation to not to lose their healing properties.

The growths are disinfecting and are used to cure upper respiratory tract diseases, using inhalation of infusions and decoctions. The tea and inctures are used internally for pneumonia, bronchitis, stomach and duodenum ulcers.


Pine “honey” for cough:  Pour 2 parts of cold water over 1 part of just collected and washed pine growths, boil on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Add water the amount of water (boiling) that has evaporated, let it cool down and strain the liquid into another container (pot). Add to it 2 parts of sugar and bring to boil again for a moment. You can also add some lemon. Keep the syrup in a closed class jar. You can use it in the tea or in milk for cough and it also satisfies the daily vitamin c need.

Pine cone & vodka decoction is used to lower blood pressure, in case of chronic skin diseases, bronchitis and water’s disease (I can’t find a correct translation for it, it’s when body collects water somewhere ). Pour vodka over crushed green cones (1:10), let sit for 7 days is a warm place. Take 1 tblspoon 3 times a day before meals for 1-2months.

Infertility cure: Take 30cm long pine branches, rinse with cold water, place them on the bottom of a bath, fill with very hot water then wait until the water is right for you, place a towel on branches and take a 20min bath. Should be repeated for 2 weeks before going to bed every night.

In cosmetics, pine oil is used to avoid hair fallout and baldness. Pine oil also smooths and rejuvenates the skin and improves it’s protective properties.


Here’s all I could find about the pine tree :) As always I hope this post was useful or helpful!

Take care of yourselves and be natural,



sources: Maakodu – Kodu apteek – Loodustuba


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