The Forest Fairy Mari Metsallik


Hello again my lovely readers. Today I want to talk about another amazing Estonian woman, someone I look up to and who inspires to be the best version of me. I have already talked about Luule Viilma (also here & here), who was the first person to open my eyes. When I started reading about Mari, her teachings and life philosophies, I immediately felt connected to her. I soon found out that she had been one of the children that Luule had cured. When she was still a baby doctors discovered a hole in her heart and wanted to operate her with 50:50 chances of surviving. Her mother didn’t allow that and brought her to Luule instead, who healed her heart. So it makes sense, that I was so drawn to her, she has a very similar world view to Luule, but she has a softer energy.


Mari lives alone in the countryside with her lovely animals and she also spends most of her time in the woods, walking barefoot or in the beach taking a mid-winter dip in the water.  She is a real life fairy, who is so incredibly in sync with nature and it’s surroundings. If you saw her you’d never believe, that she was actually a Playboy model for a while. Even during those times she was still the same, she still used all natural beauty tricks. She said about her Playboy days, that she wanted to make this experience, she wanted to shine, she learned and then moved on. Also she doesn’t eat any solid foods for years now, but feeds from juices and sunlight. And I’m not talking about juicing as in many juices a day. Just a freshly squeezed juice or a tea here or there. She gets her energy from the sun and air, so she’s practically a breatharianist.


In her book “Metsahaldja Päevik” (The Diary of a Forest Fairy), she talks about natural medicine, natural beauty tricks and tips, how and when to collect plants for medicine. She talks about the importance of Love and about many other things from a very beautiful Divine Feminine perspective. She talks about how being a woman is a wonderful gift, about the importance of hair, about menstruation, about eating and many other topics. I’ll translate some parts of her book, so you can get an idea :)


“I really love the so called purple-diet. I call it the beauty diet, cause this menu brings color to the cheeks, makes the lips full of life,  skin and hair start to glow and shine. Following this diet will take away the need for makeup products. During my modelling days I used this diet a lot. When I had a photoshoot, the day before I ate dark colored fruits and vegetables, drank bright pink or wine red juices and let someone to make me a 30 minute massage. Purple menu includes all purple fruits and vegetables. Purple is a sign that the food is full of antioxidants and other healthy agents, it has a rejuvenating effect. Fruits are not colorful by coincidence. Every color has it’s own vibration, that influences our body energy centers, balances and heals them.”


“Sugar is a narcotic to the body. Narcotics cause addictions, that makes the child feel bad and agitated, making them demand another and another dose. Sugar breaks into alcohol and acetic, this means that the small child that always eats sweets is addicted to alcohol! Addiction can develop already during pregnancy, if the mother eats a lot of sweets and consumes sugary drinks, and doesn’t eat any fresh foods where the child can get the minerals. Why do babies scream and shout like crazy? It’s not natural, the child demands alcohol cause they are addicted Children who have been fed with natural food are calm, quiet and happy”

This makes a lot of sense to me and I saw this on my own children as well.


In my home there are candles burning every evening, mainly white candles, but occasionally also green, yellow, red and pink ones. I recommend natural, for example beewax candles, which doesn’t discharge any toxins . When using paraffin candles keep the windows opened. I have accustomed writing in the candlelight, just like my brother Tõnu wrote his wonderful poems. When candles are our only source of light after the sunset, then we won’t exhaust our body with too much light. Candlelight is gentle, soft and humble yet strongly cleansing. Try to avoid artificial lighting at least in the bedroom. By switching on the light we go against the idea of the Creator, who made the night for resting and cleansing.”


“Many people talk about how fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores are poisonous and how we need to stay away from it. I never prefer store bought food to the food I grow myself, but I want bring attention to the fact, that a person with that mentality can’t eat anything, cause they will make any food poisonous with their thoughts. The more we read articles about the poison in the fruits, the more it will attach to our subconscious and it will start to influence our body. Even the biggest poison is not poison if we don’t believe in it.”

“Have you ever heard about the experience, where they blindfolded the person and told them, that they will touch the persons arm with a very hot item? In reality they touched the persons arm with a cold object and yet the person felt a strong burn and on the arm appeared a burn mark! This proves that the power of thought is the most powerful and only power of the Universe, that influences directly also our physical body.”

And then she continues to explain how it’s not so easy to reverse this state of mind once we have started thinking this way about the food. You can’t just unthink it.


“Many people think that fever is an illness and try to fight against it by suppressing it with different methods. But really, fever is a helping hand: it’s the fire that the body  lights so that it can cleanse all the negative, all the obstacles, that have caused the illness in our body. This uses a lot of energy and for that we should be in the saving mode during an illness. Fever has a cleansing effect on body and mind. Fever is healing, it’s a sign of a strong body. “

“It’s very important to keep the heat in the body during the fever, so the body could heal itself with the help of a fever. Instead we are recommended to take medication to lower the fever. The body is already weak during the illness and it can’t fight with the strong substance that suppresses it’s helper, the fever. The body has no choice but to stop the healing and suppress the symptoms and hides the illness deeper in the body.”


“Humans are the only species, that destroys their food with fire before eating it. We’re also the only species that suffers from poor health as a result. No animals coughs and blows their nose in the nature, neither do they suffer from thinning of the bones or  vascular calcification. Yet people see the raw food lifestyle as extreme.”

“Many women suffer from pain and cramps every month cause of too strong menstrual flow. Why is that? The heavier is your food table, the more painful our menstruation. This is a secret that only few talk about. And the more painkillers we use during that time, the bigger disservice we make to our body. Menstruation is nothing else than a overloaded organisms function to clean itself from toxins and residual substances.”

I would like to add that menstruation also cleans us from negative emotions and stress. That is why we go “crazy” during or before it and after we feel calm and relieved.


I hope this was an interesting read and let me know if you’d like me to translate more from her book :) I wish you all a beautiful day ♥


Her Facebook

You can also check out her blog (Life Without Solid Foods), it’s in estonian, but there’s always google translator ;)


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