About Oak Tree

Hello beautiful souls, I’m finally back with a tree post, it’s already been a month since my pine tree post.  Let’s talk about the King of the Trees today – Oak :)

While rowan tree was brought home from the forest for protection, it wasn’t recommended to have an oak in the garden, cause it’s believed to draw in lightning strikes. Oak was the holiest, strongest, most longeval and resistant tree for estonian farmers and peasant, so they used to pray to oaks and brought offerings to it. Estonia is also the northernmost area for the oak to grow (in Europe I assume, the article doesn’t say more), there aren’t any oak forests in Finland (I had no idea, it’s cool to learn new stuff). This is mostly for the lack of humus rich soil, but also for the cold. They also used it to predict weather:

If the oak has leaves attached before May, then it’s going to be an abundant harvest autumn.

If the european ash grows leaves before the oak in the spring, it will be a wet summer, the other way around it’s going to be a dry summer.

If there are many acorns in the autumn, then it’s going to be cold and snow-rich winter.

The folk medicine uses it’s bark, acorns and young leaves. The bark is an effective styptic and strengthens the whole organism. Decoction of oak bark is used for diarrhea, stomach or intestinal bleeding, chronic laryngitis, gingivitis and eczema.

Acorn coffee is used for kidney and bladder stones,  toxicities (indigestion), anemia and leukorrhea. Oak bark ointment has a great effect on poorly healing wounds.

There are many legends and stories about oak and it’s magical properties. People would light the festive fire (for equinox and solstice) by rubbing dry oak against a linden tree. The remaining charcoal was fed to the animals, when there was some kind of disease going on. Also every household got some to prevent diseases and to increase harvest and to clean the air.

That’s it for today my lovely readers. Sorry, I don’t have more to say about the great oak, there aren’t as many medicinal uses as there are legends and beliefs, worshiping and magic. Maybe I could make another post about that. I hope you’re enjoying December so far :)Take care dear ones ♥



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