The Beautiful Side of Scorpios

After a loooong pause, I’m back with an astrology post. I already gave you my thoughts on GeminisCapricorns and Aries, now it’s time reveal some secrets about Scorpios. Ok, there aren’t any secrets, just my thoughts and things I’ve noticed. I can feel the pressure of Scorpios breathing down on my neck hahhhaaa

All the signs have some kind of bad reputation and Scorpio is no exception!  Scorpios are depicted as the dark psychopaths of the zodiac, the obsessed with death, the serial killers or whatever stereotype. But this is just their lowest potential, just as for Geminis it’s being extremely superficial and flaky, for Aries it’s being very bad tempered and hot headed, for the Leos it’s being total egomaniacs and so on.  From all the signs I think I’ve only met one that lives up to their lowest potential! And I have definitely never met any Scorpios like this! I have close Scorpio friends and I have dated Scorpio men and I never saw these negative traits people talk about. Or maybe I just got lucky :D  I think poor Scorpios are getting tired of this reputation, I mean who wouldn’t if you introduce yourself, they ask your sign and then you’re immediately taken for a serial killer or a psychopath….  I remember asking a Scorpio his sign and he started to excuse himself and told me to not to believe in all the things…. Also Scorpios are not mean at all, unless you piss them off! Fortunately the Universe has saved me from Scorpio wrath :P But yeah, not mean. Yes, they do not sugarcoat, but that doesn’t make them mean.

Now that we’ve cleared the air about what Scorpios are not, let’s talk about how they actually are. My first impression is always very good, they are friendly, funny, silly, charismatic and very pleasant to be around. It’s funny how people think about as dark princes and princesses, while they are such goofy creatures :) They know how to have fun, how to be adventurous and how to laugh at themselves.

Scorpios need attention, but not the superficial kind of “everyone look at me” attention. They need and want the attention from their loved ones. Scorpio is a water sign so it’s not a surprise. But they are more independent and less clingy than Cancer. People give what they need for themselves, water signs give all their attention and care, while the earth signs will shower you with gifts instead of always saying how they love you.  Scorpios will spoil you with lots of positive attention. What I noticed about Scorpio men, is that they want to feel always connected to their partner – letters, email. messages and loooong phone calls all-day everyday. They will always want to know how you are doing and what you’re doing, they want you to know that they are thinking about you. I dated a few Scorpios, from very different backgrounds, but they all loved writing handwritten letters! Now how romantic is that ladies ;) I don’t know about my Scorpio girl-friends, cause I obviously they have never wrote any love letters to me :D  Also, Scorpios don’t play any games, if they like you (male or female) you will know, if you’re still guessing then they probably don’t.

Another thing I love about Scorpios is their ability to encourage people and to make people believe in themselves. They are very reassuring and always find a way to praise their friends and family. They will never let you fall into self pity and will tell you all about your talents and positive qualities. And they don’t do it in an empty flattery way. And they will always encourage you to do the things you want to do, but are too afraid to do. In conclusion – they’re just great people to have in your life :)

Whenever they talk about Scorpios, they always talk about sex. Scorpios love sex, Scorpios only think about sex, Scorpios are the best in bed and so on. This gives a false image about them, it makes you think that’s all they think about or that they are perverts or very insisting. But let me tell, Scorpios are the gentlemen (and gentlewomen) of the zodiac. They behave themselves and will never make you do anything you are not ready for. I think that is a beautiful quality, to have respect for the partner and themselves when it comes to sexual intimacy.

I’m not gonna go into the parts we have all read about Scorpios, their intensity, the mystery, jealousy and all that, cause you probably already know about that already :) I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences. In case you’re wondering I’m a Gemini Sun/Cancer Moon/Capricorn Rising, these are the sides that Scorpios in my life have shown me and are continue showing me.

So, dear Scorpios, I don’t pretend I know everything about you or understand completely (no one will probably), but these are the bits and pieces Scorpios in my life have shown me :) I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe changed the way you see Scorpios. I promise you, they are not as scary as many people think they are ;)

Until the next time,


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29 thoughts on “The Beautiful Side of Scorpios

    1. Mi fa piacere comunque che ti piaccia la rubrica ^.^ Ma sai che prima ero convinta che fossi scorpione, non so per quale motivo, ma ne ero convinta proprio finchè non hai commentato il post del capricorno :D

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    1. Sono felice ti piacciono questi post ^.^ L’oroscopo infatti è solo intrattenimento in pratica, ma più vai in profondo – tema natale, scopri che l’astrologia è molto di più e con l’oroscopo non c’entra niente :) Mi dispiace che faccio questi post solo in inglese, ma sono così lunghi! Tu di che segno sei?:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sì,è assolutamente vero!!
        sono vergine ed ogni volta che leggo le caratteristiche del mio segno rimango a bocca aperta e non faccio che dire “no, è proprio vero! sono io” ahahah

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Si, è molto interessante, beh almeno per me :D La Luna ti dice i tuoi emozioni e come ti senti dentro, Venus ti dico come ami, Mercurio il modo in cui comunichi e così via. In inglese puoi cercare Birth Chart calculator, devi sapere l’ora della tua nascita. Penso ci saranno i siti anche in italiano, ma on li ho mai cercati.

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  1. Exactly they do tell always these negative things about Scorpions and so you mustn’t believe it all like you sad !! Thanks for all these positive information about these very interesting and intrigue creatures :) !

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  2. Thank you for this post! I’m a proud Scorpio, I even have a scorpion tattoo, and it’s hard to find new info on my sign these days! My best friend/soul sister is a Gemini. I am Capricorn rising as well. Romance for female Scorpios, it’s hard to say, because my Capricorn side gives me some independence, and my Libra moon gives me this idealistic view of love. I’d say I’m pretty emotionally independent, but I love having that one special person to confide in and follow to the ends of the earth. Actually, I like to express affection through handwritten cards and letters too! Anyway, I just followed and am looking forward to reading more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am very happy that you enjoyed this post and also thanks for the follow, I hope you’ll find something interesting here for you also in the future :) I think you have a nice mix going on, having an air, water and earth sign in these positions makes you balanced and you get to experience all those “worlds”. I have these 3 elements dominant as well :) Thank you for the feedback, I love to see longer comments! ^.^ Take care dear


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