What are South Node and North Node?

To me the Moon Nodes are one of the most interesting parts in one’s birth chart. To know yours, you need to know your exact birth time and place. Calculate your Nodes

South Node is where you’re coming from, your past lives, the abilities you acquired during those lives. The great thing about South Node is that it shows us, where our strengths are and we can use them in our advantage. But, there is a big but, to move forward and to learn the lessons in this life we mustn’t rely on these old patterns. We need to start learning new abilities and this is where the North Node comes in, it shows us our direction, what to work towards to, our potential.

South Node also shows us our inner fears and our dark side, a side that we’re maybe not too familiar with or don’t want to accept. South Node has the tendency to overdue things, there is a strong longing and craving to act according to your South Node.

I can see my Virgo South Node/Pisces North Node playing out in my life continuously! Virgo South Node is all about being anxious, over analyzing, learning to let go of the obsession about details, rules and wanting everything to be perfect.  I even wrote a post about one big life lesson, that keeps repeating itself. These are the issues I struggle with daily! Once you know your nodes, you start to understand why you act in a certain way and you can start to work towards your North Node attitude, which for me is to surrender my anxiety to Higher Power, to go with the flow, trusting in positive outcomes, welcoming change etc.

In my opinion the moon nodes are underrated and not talked about enough, to know your nodes can be a huge help in your life. I strongly suggest everyone to get to know their nodes! My purpose is not to be an astrologer, I just want to show you all how useful can astrology be if used correctly. Everyone should know their birth chart, astrology should be taught in schools. This way every child would know why they are the way they are and what they need to work on and teachers could explain how to work on certain aspects. Even more this way children would learn how different we all are and that it’s ok! Call me crazy if you feel the need, but crazy is to make our children learn dates of battles and wars that will benefit them in no way in the future! But that is a whole other topic…

Once you’ve calculated your moon nodes, go google it. Read different pages to get different views, opinions and experiences and see which one speaks to you the most. And then make a good use of that knowledge. Go on now, good luck with becoming a better version of yourselves!

Mammu ♥


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