Long time no see – Update

Hello my dear ones, I hope you’re all doing well <3 I’m sorry for not posting or sharing updates for so long :( I just wasn’t feeling like it, not only cause of feeling like crap physically, but I also went through an emotional roller coaster, which really wasn’t a roller coaster, cause roller coasters go up and down, but I just went down :D

PS! Oggi niente italiano perché sarà un post lungo e non ce la faccio al momento di scriverlo anche in italiano. Spero non vi dispiace <3

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. Nausea and extreme fatigue have been fading away for the past two weeks so yayyyy for that! I didn’t want to do any pregnancy updates or belly shots, cause I felt hugeeeeee! Women who have already had children in the past get bigger  sooner, cause of the muscles being weaker and stuff and I also think body already “knows the deal”, and is like “ok, let’s do this shit” ahahahaaa It’s kind of terrifying being 3 months pregnant, but you’re body’s like “booooom, here’s a 5 month belly for ya!” :D Also I was retaining a lot of water, I was so bloated all over my body I felt like I was going to explode any moment. I was so uncomfortable and I couldn’t even move. Since my eating habits haven’t been the best before and in the beginning of the pregnancy I got myself the prenatal vitamins. After two days I woke up and felt great, I was like “Hey hun, I look so thin today” :D It was like someone had taken a pin and popped a balloon (only I was the balloon), I felt so much better it was incredible! I was clearly missing vitamins before.

I’m not sure what hit me yesterday, but I went full clean freak mode. I don’t know if it’s the nesting instinct that’s kicking in or just one of those rare times I get the mood and energy to do everything. Besides doing tons of housework, I also went to the makeup store, cause I desperately needed some essentials. I haven’t been wearing makeup at all for the past months and I also managed to run out of foundation and concealer somehow. The shop I went to, is about  2km away and I went by foot…. Useless to say all that walking plus tons of housework didn’t do any favors to my poor body.  Later that night I had hard time sleeping, my back was hurting (has been for two days already), my stomach was hard and it felt like the baby was pushing against everything inside my belly.  I felt so bad, that I had a dream about going to labor :D So yeah, when you’re pregnant, don’t try to be a superwoman!

I planned to rest today, but decided to run to the store around 8 am to get hair dye. I went so early so I my husband could stay with the kids before heading to work. So I got a good workout also today :D Fortunately this store is very close to our home! Also I really wanted to get my hair done in the morning, so I could try out my new foundation and maybe do a makeup for the blog. So now I am a redhead again :) Feels great. I got a dark red color for dark hair, but it’s a lot brighter then I expected (it doesn’t look bright on the pictures though). No biggie, cause it will fade soon anyway.



Don’t mind the red on my shirt, it’s just an old shirt I didn’t mind ruining, but I would’ve changed for you peeps if I had noticed it earlier! :* I guess this concludes my update. Hopefully I won’t be a stranger again, but who knows, these damn pregnancy hormones have me all over the place!

Happy Women’s Day



13 thoughts on “Long time no see – Update

    1. Probabilmente non sarai l’unica, ma preferisco dirlo piuttosto, che rischiare, che qualcuno pensa, che sono magari uscita così :D Un bacione anche a te ^.^


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