My Labor & Delivery Story | Baby nr.3

Mi scuso con voi care italiane che scrivo questo post solo in inglese. Come potete immaginare ho davvero pochi momenti liberi al momento e tradurre questo lungo post ci vorrebbe troppo. Ci ho già messo un mese a scrivere questo… Per chi non parla l’inglese, c’è sempre google traduttore. Un grosso bacione!


Two nights before going into labor were a torture, sleeping was even more uncomfortable than usual. It would hurt in my belly on each side and sleeping on my back was impossible too. I was already desperate thinking how I’d survive one more week/10 days like that. Fortunately I didn’t have to suffer a lot. On August 25th I woke up at 7am and as I got up I felt some leaking and it wasn’t pee. It was really few so I wasn’t sure right away, but as I started walking around I kept leaking little at a time. Hubs called his parents to come over for the kids and my mother-in-law answered:”I have to eat breakfast!” Ehm, excuse me but my fucking waters broke! While they were on their way I got ready and quickly made some breakfast for the kids. Mostly I was just walking around without knowing what to do, my head was in the clouds and I couldn’t believe it was really time for my 3rd baby boy to come. So we call a taxi and get to the hospital. Oh and I had just very mild painless contractions.

In the hospital we go to the register table, I say my waters broke and that I have the document for the hospital from my doctor and she sends us to wait behind one room. I don’t remember how long we waited but somewhere from 30 to 60 minutes. I go in and say my waters broke and she’s like ohh… You’re not supposed to be here, there’s another entrance for that and sends a nurse with us to lead the way. I remember reading something about that entrance on the website, but what the fuck lady at the register!? Don’t you know what “my waters broke” mean? It’s an exclusively women and childbirth hospital!!! So the doctor checks me and the baby, my waters broke even more while he was checking me. I was 4cm dilated and he said that the estimated weight of the baby was 3600g. They gave me a hospital gown and put me into a wheelchair, which felt silly cause I was feeling fine. And to the delivery room we go. Hubs also got his hospital wear on.


The first thing they do in the delivery room is to shave me down there. They didn’t do that with my other sons in Italy so I was surprised, but it’s obviously understandable. But what came next was even more unexpectable, a colon cleanse :/ In Italy they ask you to try and go to the bathroom, but here they shove a tube up your ass and empty a bag of water into it. Then she gave a towel for when I finish so I can wash myself. Then I think she came back in to put me a cannula. My contractions were still very mild but I asked for an epidural, I was determined to have a pain free birth this time. The doctor came to check me, I was 5cm dilated which meant I could have the epidural. I was afraid it would hurt a lot, but it was just a sting. He gave me just a small dose and told to call for more. I was happy and carefree and thought I could take a nap now. But just a little after the epidural another nurse came in and started asking me if I felt the need to push. She just stayed there beside me staring at me asking me if I needed to push every five minutes!!!! I asked her why does she keep asking, cause I need be fully dilated for that. And she was like:”Well, you might be” And I thought to myself why doesn’t she check then!!! Oh and they also put me a drip with oxytocin, which I found strange but later another women who was staying there told me that in Bulgaria they almost always give something to speed up labor. I prefer to let the nature do it’s job, so I didn’t appreciate that but they didn’t even ask and I had other things in mind and didn’t even notice it at first.

Anyway, my contractions got stronger and I asked if I could get more epidural, twice, they said yes both times. And then they told me no, cause I needed to feel to push. I was not happy about that, cause pushing is the most dreaded part of childbirth for me. I was almost in tears, I was so scared of that pain once again! But there was no other way. I kept breathing and talking to my body and my baby (in my mind of course), saying how well they were doing, how strong they were and thanked them for doing such a great job. Just after some contractions it was time to push. I felt so weak, not tired from labor like the first time, just weak. I think it took about 6 to 7 pushes. In Italy there is the midwife ready to catch the baby and others are waiting in the room. Here they were in three, each pulling my private parts in a different direction! Too much information, I know but it’s a delivery story, there is no other way. Anyway, I thought it was kinda funny, but it was a good thing at the end cause it didn’t hurt as much when he came out even though he was bigger than my other two. During my last push they started pushing on my stomach which is an old and not the safest thing to do. I started pushing stronger so they wouldn’t push. Not cool. They also really pushed on my stomach to get the placenta out almost immediately, instead of waiting for it to come on it’s own. Again, not cool. They didn’t give him to me right away, only showed him to me for a second and I only got him after they were done stitching me up. At least he was with my husband, but again I didn’t appreciate it. Then I finally got to hold him for the time we stayed in the delivery room before being moved to the recovery room.

♥ Jako Kalev Quintano ♥

25/08/2016 14:28

4430g – 56cm


As you can see there were quite a few things I didn’t like. I didn’t like all that rushing and poking and not letting things go their natural way. Maybe another hospital would’ve been better or maybe that’s just the way it works in Bulgaria. If I ever have another child and if we’re still here then I’ll be prepared to protest against them. This time it was already stressful to give birth in a foreign country without knowing what to expect and without understanding half of the staff. I’m going to write about the hospital stay in a separate post, as this one is already a long one.

Take care loves!


24 thoughts on “My Labor & Delivery Story | Baby nr.3

  1. Kõlab väga nagu Eesti Nõuka ajal :D Vähemalt selle järgi, mis mu ema mulle rääkinud on. Siin nad ka raseerisid, otseloomulikult nüri teraga (OUCH!) ja tegid klistiiri kui sa ise ei olnud enne ära käinud või seda ise endale teinud. Võeh.

    P.S – Nii palju siis 3600-grammisest lapsest :D

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    1. Eks siin ongi elu 20-30 aastat taga teiste Euroopa riikidega vōrreldes. See mulle meeldib tegelt aga sünnitusega oleks veidi teistsugust lähenemist eelistanud! Aga vähemalt tera oli terav :D Ausalt öeldes värisesin hirmust ja ootasin et ta mulle sisse lõikaks kusagile aga õnneks seda ei juhtunud :D


  2. Oh my! I understand your frustration. Giving birth in a forgein country must have been tough, even though it’s in Europe. But i’m glad you are feeling better now. I love hearing delivery stories thanks for sharing xxx

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  3. Thanx for sharing your story hun! The thing with the wheelchair is standard when the water is already broken, also the colon cleanse (I didn’t get one, cause the first nurse was a bit of a mess). But the thing with the shaving 😳 – didn’t hear about this so far. I totally love the name (besides that cuteness-overload 😍). Hope you’re ok and stay grounded in this hormone-rollercoaster 🙏😘

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  4. I’m so happy for you that at the end everything went well with your laboring also if they didn’t threat you in the same way as in Italy and hadn’t ask you anything if you had prefer it in some different way ! love the name Jako ! 👌💕

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