Imbolc 2017 – Our First

Remember when I said in my 2016 new years resolutions that I wanted to start celebrating the pagan holidays? But then I found out I was pregnant and all my resolutions went out of the window. Even though I’m struggling with an infant and two older kids I somehow managed to celebrate Imbolc and it felt great.


It all started when I decided to show and talk to my kids about what’s gonna come in February, festivities, birthdays and stuff. So I started explaining what Imbolc was – they weren’t impressed and left me hanging. But after a little they came back and I told them about the activities they started to be more interested. My six year old ran to re-organize their drawings shelf, cause Imbolc includes spring cleaning :D I explained to them, what an altar is and what to put there. My eight year old started pointing out some things we already had that could be used and I started thinking “hey, I might pull this off this year”. So I grabbed some things and set up my first ever altar.


I laid out a small christmas tablecloth that has candles on it and is white, so it suits perfectly. I had two candles hanging around, white and red – Imbolc colors, perfect. Next I poured some mustard seeds in a bowl. Imbolc is all about the seeds and I wasn’t gonna use them for cooking anyway. I was looking up everything Imbolc related and saw that I also had two crystals that are suitable for this festivity, onyx and amethyst, so I placed them on the altar. I told my husband to buy me some white or red, or vanilla or orange scented candles for my altar and he comes back with green apple and brown candles… I was so upset I almost cried, emo much? Lol, he went back to change them. I really wanted some purifying/cleansing incense, but the nearest shop is closed when hubs finishes working and it’s impossible fgor me to go there with all the kids, bus and the stroller. But atleast I got some beautiful fresh white & yellow flowers <3

I know I don’t have any Brighid related things in my altar, but I prefer to focus on the nature side of these festivities. Maybe in the future I’ll start including Gods and Goddesses, but for now one step at the time. I worship Nature and celebrate it’s changes.


The night before the kids made a buttered bread with sprinkles to put outside for the fairies.  In the morning we made sweet scrambled eggs for breakfast, cause you know eggs and dairy are an Imbolc food. Then I made a version of the Imbolc braided bread with raisins and boy did it turn out great, so soft and yummyyyy, paired with a glass of milk- heaven.


In the afternoon we went for a walk to see if there were any signs of spring. The sun was shining, snow melting and I heard birds singing for the first time during the winter! It might snow again and get colder, but for Imbolc it was the perfect spring weather. The kids jumped in puddles and we looked for buds. Then in the evening we found a bug inside walking on the wall and my six year old started shouting:”A bug, it’s a sign, another sign of spring!” :D I laughed and helped the little fella outside.


In the evening I planned to take a long bath, drink herbal tea and do an oracle reading but I passed out and half past nine without even taking off my makeup… #momlife Unfortunately this is the life as a mother, exhaustion catches up here and there. But overall I’m glad we got to celebrate, it’s the intention that counts :) The kids were excited and hopefully it’s a start of a long family tradition!


Have a beautiful weekend!


12 thoughts on “Imbolc 2017 – Our First

    1. Grazie, é molto bello festeggiare i cicli della natura, spero di riuscire a festeggiarli tutti quest’anno ✨ Mi fa piacere che ti interessa 😊

      Per la brioche ho fatto a occhio. Qualche ora prima ho messo ammollo nell’acqua le uvetta. Poi in un po’ d’acqua tiepida con un goccio di zucchero ho sciolto il lievito di birra (ho usato quello secco). Ho versato in una ciotola circa 300g di latte tiepida, ho aggiunto il lievito, dello zucchero,un pizzico di sale e poi ho cominciato ad aggiungere farina finché l’impasto nn si appiccica piú. Aggiungi subito anche le uvette. Io le ho messe dopo ed era un casino. Poi si copre la ciotola con un asciugamano e si lascia lievitare per qualche ora. Dopo ho diviso l’impasto in tre, hi fatto la treccia, ho spalmato con latte e l’ho buttato nel forno. Mi sembra 180-200°c Per quanto nn lo so… La controllavo sempre finché ho visto che era pronta. Un bacione 😊😘


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