Let’s talk about Aquarius

The colorful parrots of the zodiac :) It’s been way too long since my last astrology post, a dear friend reminded me! These posts take time and focus which has been hard to come by since I got pregnant last year. Anyway, let me remind you that I am not an astrologer and these posts are not classical zodiac posts. These posts are about how I see the signs, what experiences I have had with them. I write them so you can maybe have a different point of view of the signs :)

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

When I was thinking about which sign to write about and what, the first  thing that came to my mind for Aquarius was sunshine! They are very sunny, happy, pleasant  and friendly people. This explains how they always a ton of friends and people who admire them. Aquarius peeps are funny and full of charisma. Geminis are always said to be the life of the party, but as a Gemini I have to admit that Aquarius is that 10 times. There is a reason why Geminis and Aquarius are always paired as the perfect buddies with their outgoing and bubbly characters.

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

One thing I love about this sign is that they have fun everywhere, every time with everyone! Whatever they’re doing, they will find a way to make that time playful. But don’t get me wrong, they are also very hard workers. They are definitely one of the workaholics of the zodiac. But back to fun, when I was little my brother (who is an Aquarius) always played with me, brought me to the amusement park, built igloos with me, harnessed our dog in front of the sleight for me, let me play doctor on him (aka torture him). He was definitely never ashamed to be hanging out with his little sister and brought me everywhere with him. Did I say they were funny, no, they are hilarious! Me and my mom seriously pee ourselves every time my brother starts talking about something that happened to him or talking about people!

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

I’m sure you have heard how Leos have a king/queen complex and Aquarius has a god complex instead. Leos feel that they are better than others, but Aquarius feels that what they are doing/creating is the best. Not throwing shade at dear Aquas, just saying that they truly believe they are the best at what they do. And as I said they are very hard workers so fair enough!

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

If you’re wondering who are the biggest Casanovas of the zodiac…you’ve found them :D I can’t say that about the lady Aquariuses although we are all wondering if our grandpa is really our grandpa, cause  our Aquarius grandma was a naughty girl :D  Since Aquarius is the most free-spirited and open-minded of the zodiac it’s no wonder they’re always searching for novelty and new stimulations. I’ve seen many Aquarius men cheat but I truly don’t think they do it on purpose. They really do fall in love deeply with someone, it’s just that they get distracted quickly and fall in love with someone knew. They don’t mean to hurt anyone. I should’ve know I was fucked when my Aquarian boyfriend said to me, that if we’ll ever break up he won’t be sad, but will think of the  beautiful memories. I obviously didn’t feel the same way and soon he was gone with someone else and I was left with worst heartbreak ever. But of course this stuff depends a lot also on the persons Venus, Moon and other placements in the birth chart.

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

They are also the rebels, the daredevils, the badasses of the zodiac. They love adventure and trying out knew things. They are the ones getting on the scariest ride in the amusement park, they are the ones eating cockroaches in China and frogs in France, they are the ones to who crazy funny things happen to! They are dreamers with thousands ideas running through their minds and this often makes them forgetful which leads to forgetting their wallet on the top of the car, driving away from a gas station with the pump still attached and letting their dog out to pee during a long drive then driving away without the dog… All three of these have happened to my brother….LOL

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

For now I think I’ve said all I had. So dear Aquarius keep on being an awesome badass, we all love you just the way you are <3

I hope you enjoyed my point of view about Aquarius or learned something new. Whether you’re an Aquarius yourself or you know one, leave me your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to know about your experiences.

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