Hello dear reader, my name is Marilyn and my nickname is Mammu. I am Estonian, but I currently live in Bulgaria with my partner and three sons. Before that I lived in Italy for 9 years.

This blog started out as a beauty blog, I wanted to learn more about makeup and beauty and to have fun with it. Then I decided I wanted to share more than just makeup looks, I wanted talk about everything that was close to my heart. I decided not to start another blog for other topics, cause this blog is already very close to my heart. I thought it would be good to share some deeper thoughts with my beauty related followers and maybe get them to think out of the box too and if not I would get new ones :)

So now this is a place, where I share what I learn about astrology, natural medicine, spirituality.  still do beauty related posts, probably more then other kind, cause they are faster to put together then knowledge posts, which require research and concentration :) I also share bits and pieces of my life, pictures about things I like and many more. I really can’t put a label on this blog, cause it would mean to put a label on myself!





Much Love,