iZombie zodiac signs

Vaughn Du Clark – Aries

Liv (Olivia Moore) – Taurus

Blaine DeBeers – Gemini


Ravi Chakrabarti – Cancer

Gilda – Leo

Drake Holloway – Virgo

Major Lilywhite – Libra

Julien Dupont-  Scorpio

Lowell Tracey – Sagittarius

Clive Babineaux – Capricorn

Don – Aquarius


Peyton Charles – Pisces



Pretty Little Liars zodiac signs

A few days ago on Instagram I saw a post about the Pretty Little Liars characters zodiac signs. I didn’t agree with most of it, so I created my own. If you enjoy this post let me know and I’ll make more of these. Also if you wonder why I put someone under a certain sign, ask & I’ll let you know :)



Aries – Caleb, Veronica Hastings

Taurus – Toby

Gemini – Aria, Wren

Cancer – Emily, Mike, Ella Montomery


Leo – Melissa

Virgo – Spencer, Pam Fields

Libra – Hanna

Scorpio – CeCe Drake, Paige

Sagittarius – Mona, Jason


Capricorn –  Erza, Ashley Marin

Aquarius – Jenna, Maya,


Pisces – Alison


Have a great weekend!




Let’s talk about Aquarius

The colorful parrots of the zodiac :) It’s been way too long since my last astrology post, a dear friend reminded me! These posts take time and focus which has been hard to come by since I got pregnant last year. Anyway, let me remind you that I am not an astrologer and these posts are not classical zodiac posts. These posts are about how I see the signs, what experiences I have had with them. I write them so you can maybe have a different point of view of the signs :)

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

When I was thinking about which sign to write about and what, the first  thing that came to my mind for Aquarius was sunshine! They are very sunny, happy, pleasant  and friendly people. This explains how they always a ton of friends and people who admire them. Aquarius peeps are funny and full of charisma. Geminis are always said to be the life of the party, but as a Gemini I have to admit that Aquarius is that 10 times. There is a reason why Geminis and Aquarius are always paired as the perfect buddies with their outgoing and bubbly characters.

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

One thing I love about this sign is that they have fun everywhere, every time with everyone! Whatever they’re doing, they will find a way to make that time playful. But don’t get me wrong, they are also very hard workers. They are definitely one of the workaholics of the zodiac. But back to fun, when I was little my brother (who is an Aquarius) always played with me, brought me to the amusement park, built igloos with me, harnessed our dog in front of the sleight for me, let me play doctor on him (aka torture him). He was definitely never ashamed to be hanging out with his little sister and brought me everywhere with him. Did I say they were funny, no, they are hilarious! Me and my mom seriously pee ourselves every time my brother starts talking about something that happened to him or talking about people!

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

I’m sure you have heard how Leos have a king/queen complex and Aquarius has a god complex instead. Leos feel that they are better than others, but Aquarius feels that what they are doing/creating is the best. Not throwing shade at dear Aquas, just saying that they truly believe they are the best at what they do. And as I said they are very hard workers so fair enough!

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

If you’re wondering who are the biggest Casanovas of the zodiac…you’ve found them :D I can’t say that about the lady Aquariuses although we are all wondering if our grandpa is really our grandpa, cause  our Aquarius grandma was a naughty girl :D  Since Aquarius is the most free-spirited and open-minded of the zodiac it’s no wonder they’re always searching for novelty and new stimulations. I’ve seen many Aquarius men cheat but I truly don’t think they do it on purpose. They really do fall in love deeply with someone, it’s just that they get distracted quickly and fall in love with someone knew. They don’t mean to hurt anyone. I should’ve know I was fucked when my Aquarian boyfriend said to me, that if we’ll ever break up he won’t be sad, but will think of the  beautiful memories. I obviously didn’t feel the same way and soon he was gone with someone else and I was left with worst heartbreak ever. But of course this stuff depends a lot also on the persons Venus, Moon and other placements in the birth chart.

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

They are also the rebels, the daredevils, the badasses of the zodiac. They love adventure and trying out knew things. They are the ones getting on the scariest ride in the amusement park, they are the ones eating cockroaches in China and frogs in France, they are the ones to who crazy funny things happen to! They are dreamers with thousands ideas running through their minds and this often makes them forgetful which leads to forgetting their wallet on the top of the car, driving away from a gas station with the pump still attached and letting their dog out to pee during a long drive then driving away without the dog… All three of these have happened to my brother….LOL

Risultati immagini per aquarius quote

For now I think I’ve said all I had. So dear Aquarius keep on being an awesome badass, we all love you just the way you are <3

I hope you enjoyed my point of view about Aquarius or learned something new. Whether you’re an Aquarius yourself or you know one, leave me your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to know about your experiences.

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What are South Node and North Node?

To me the Moon Nodes are one of the most interesting parts in one’s birth chart. To know yours, you need to know your exact birth time and place. Calculate your Nodes

South Node is where you’re coming from, your past lives, the abilities you acquired during those lives. The great thing about South Node is that it shows us, where our strengths are and we can use them in our advantage. But, there is a big but, to move forward and to learn the lessons in this life we mustn’t rely on these old patterns. We need to start learning new abilities and this is where the North Node comes in, it shows us our direction, what to work towards to, our potential.

South Node also shows us our inner fears and our dark side, a side that we’re maybe not too familiar with or don’t want to accept. South Node has the tendency to overdue things, there is a strong longing and craving to act according to your South Node.

I can see my Virgo South Node/Pisces North Node playing out in my life continuously! Virgo South Node is all about being anxious, over analyzing, learning to let go of the obsession about details, rules and wanting everything to be perfect.  I even wrote a post about one big life lesson, that keeps repeating itself. These are the issues I struggle with daily! Once you know your nodes, you start to understand why you act in a certain way and you can start to work towards your North Node attitude, which for me is to surrender my anxiety to Higher Power, to go with the flow, trusting in positive outcomes, welcoming change etc.

In my opinion the moon nodes are underrated and not talked about enough, to know your nodes can be a huge help in your life. I strongly suggest everyone to get to know their nodes! My purpose is not to be an astrologer, I just want to show you all how useful can astrology be if used correctly. Everyone should know their birth chart, astrology should be taught in schools. This way every child would know why they are the way they are and what they need to work on and teachers could explain how to work on certain aspects. Even more this way children would learn how different we all are and that it’s ok! Call me crazy if you feel the need, but crazy is to make our children learn dates of battles and wars that will benefit them in no way in the future! But that is a whole other topic…

Once you’ve calculated your moon nodes, go google it. Read different pages to get different views, opinions and experiences and see which one speaks to you the most. And then make a good use of that knowledge. Go on now, good luck with becoming a better version of yourselves!

Mammu ♥

The Beautiful Side of Scorpios

After a loooong pause, I’m back with an astrology post. I already gave you my thoughts on GeminisCapricorns and Aries, now it’s time reveal some secrets about Scorpios. Ok, there aren’t any secrets, just my thoughts and things I’ve noticed. I can feel the pressure of Scorpios breathing down on my neck hahhhaaa

All the signs have some kind of bad reputation and Scorpio is no exception!  Scorpios are depicted as the dark psychopaths of the zodiac, the obsessed with death, the serial killers or whatever stereotype. But this is just their lowest potential, just as for Geminis it’s being extremely superficial and flaky, for Aries it’s being very bad tempered and hot headed, for the Leos it’s being total egomaniacs and so on.  From all the signs I think I’ve only met one that lives up to their lowest potential! And I have definitely never met any Scorpios like this! I have close Scorpio friends and I have dated Scorpio men and I never saw these negative traits people talk about. Or maybe I just got lucky :D  I think poor Scorpios are getting tired of this reputation, I mean who wouldn’t if you introduce yourself, they ask your sign and then you’re immediately taken for a serial killer or a psychopath….  I remember asking a Scorpio his sign and he started to excuse himself and told me to not to believe in all the things…. Also Scorpios are not mean at all, unless you piss them off! Fortunately the Universe has saved me from Scorpio wrath :P But yeah, not mean. Yes, they do not sugarcoat, but that doesn’t make them mean.

Now that we’ve cleared the air about what Scorpios are not, let’s talk about how they actually are. My first impression is always very good, they are friendly, funny, silly, charismatic and very pleasant to be around. It’s funny how people think about as dark princes and princesses, while they are such goofy creatures :) They know how to have fun, how to be adventurous and how to laugh at themselves.

Scorpios need attention, but not the superficial kind of “everyone look at me” attention. They need and want the attention from their loved ones. Scorpio is a water sign so it’s not a surprise. But they are more independent and less clingy than Cancer. People give what they need for themselves, water signs give all their attention and care, while the earth signs will shower you with gifts instead of always saying how they love you.  Scorpios will spoil you with lots of positive attention. What I noticed about Scorpio men, is that they want to feel always connected to their partner – letters, email. messages and loooong phone calls all-day everyday. They will always want to know how you are doing and what you’re doing, they want you to know that they are thinking about you. I dated a few Scorpios, from very different backgrounds, but they all loved writing handwritten letters! Now how romantic is that ladies ;) I don’t know about my Scorpio girl-friends, cause I obviously they have never wrote any love letters to me :D  Also, Scorpios don’t play any games, if they like you (male or female) you will know, if you’re still guessing then they probably don’t.

Another thing I love about Scorpios is their ability to encourage people and to make people believe in themselves. They are very reassuring and always find a way to praise their friends and family. They will never let you fall into self pity and will tell you all about your talents and positive qualities. And they don’t do it in an empty flattery way. And they will always encourage you to do the things you want to do, but are too afraid to do. In conclusion – they’re just great people to have in your life :)

Whenever they talk about Scorpios, they always talk about sex. Scorpios love sex, Scorpios only think about sex, Scorpios are the best in bed and so on. This gives a false image about them, it makes you think that’s all they think about or that they are perverts or very insisting. But let me tell, Scorpios are the gentlemen (and gentlewomen) of the zodiac. They behave themselves and will never make you do anything you are not ready for. I think that is a beautiful quality, to have respect for the partner and themselves when it comes to sexual intimacy.

I’m not gonna go into the parts we have all read about Scorpios, their intensity, the mystery, jealousy and all that, cause you probably already know about that already :) I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences. In case you’re wondering I’m a Gemini Sun/Cancer Moon/Capricorn Rising, these are the sides that Scorpios in my life have shown me and are continue showing me.

So, dear Scorpios, I don’t pretend I know everything about you or understand completely (no one will probably), but these are the bits and pieces Scorpios in my life have shown me :) I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe changed the way you see Scorpios. I promise you, they are not as scary as many people think they are ;)

Until the next time,


Geminis – What many don’t see

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About Aries

Let’s talk about Aquarius

About Aries


Hello again :) Today I want to talk about Aries a little. I’m not going to give you the description of Aries personality, but I’m going to talk about things I’ve noticed about them. Just in case let me remind you, that astrology is not only about the sun sign! If you don’t act like your sun sign, it means some other sign in your birth chart has a strong influence, usually that is the moon and rising sun. We are the sum of our natal chart, very complicated and very colorful :)

Now on to Aries. I have many Aries friends and acquaintances, also my father is one. Right now I’m only doing this “series” about things I’ve noticed about signs, about the signs I have many experience with. I don’t even know if I can make all twelve signs, cause I really don’t have anything to say about certain signs, cause I haven’t had many people under that sign in my life. Just wanted to point that out.

Workaholics. They are the true workaholics of the zodiac, they often go too far and hurt themselves. They will put their health at risk just to get things done! They are the people that end up in a hospital and start doing stuff as soon as they get out. I’ve seen in a lot  with many Aries people – my dad is one of them! Some weeks ago he injured his hand with a saw, they kept him in the hospital for 10 days and all he could think of was “what are the things he can do with one hand only?”


Lifelong friends. Great great friends. Aries will be that high school friend, that still remembers your birthday when you’re 50! They have a huge respect for their friends and always do little things to keep the friendship lasting and their friends happy :)

Goodhearted and always willing to help. Aries is often seen as very harsh and angry, which is not true at all. I mean if they are angry they will yell the shit out of you, but usually they are very calm and happy people. Aries are very caring and help out the people near to them, even if they are not in the best terms with a person, they will still help them out as much as they can. But don’t think you can take advantage of them, they will have no problem cutting you out. But as I was saying they are actually very tender and teddy bearish inside ^.^

Musical talents. I think 90% of the Aries I know have a great musical talent, they might not make a career of that. My father has a beautiful strong singing voice (also very scary deep voice when angry hahhah) and he plays guitar, my Aries-Taurus bff sings, plays saxofone , guitar, accordion, piano and was a music teacher, her two Aries exes were both very talented musicians who played instruments, sang and wrote songs, another Aries friend has a beautiful singing voice and a internet friend is a very talented song-writer, singer and pays piano and guitar. Sorry for the ramble but just to make a point here.

Want things done their way. In Aries world there is only one way to do things – their way! Don’t even try to argue about that! They will not acknowledge that there are two ways to get something done, do it their way or feel their rage :D

Order!!!!! Most Aries love order, everything needs to be clean and tidy and everything has it’s place! It is very difficult to be married to an Aries, cause they will find everything that is not in their right place and not clean enough and they will tell you, again and again and again! I’ve seen this with many Aries men. It can also be a good thing, having a husband that won’t leave his dirty clothes around the house, who washes his own dishes and puts away everything he uses. I want to share a tragic extreme story about an Aries husband, who hung himself and left a goodbye note:”I just wanted some order” That is very sad and very extreme of course, but you see many under this sign have a strong need for order.

Charismatic and flirty. To end on a happier topic, Aries people are very charismatic and pleasant to be around. They are usually very well educated, polite and with a good sense of humor. And as you’ve probably heard, also very flirty. It’s impossible for them not to flirt, they don’t even realize and they don’t mean to hurt their partners, it’s just like breathing to them. So a very jealous person should probably not date an Aries!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found out something new :) Please let me know in the comments your experience with Aries people or if you are an Aries let me know if you can relate to some of the things I wrote about!

To wrap this post up I want to say how much I appreciate my Aries father, he is my best friend! I mean it wasn’t easy when I was a teenager, he is an Aries who wants control and order, while I am a Gemini who who hates rules and lives in chaos! But somehow we got past this and I feel very lucky to have him! I like, that he is such a strong person, he is my rock and where I feel safe! I love that he is hardworking, honest, funny and doesn’t give a shit about what people think about him (this is my favorite quality :D). Thanks dad for being so awesome! ♥

Take Care,


Geminis – What many don’t see

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Let’s talk about Aquarius

Capricorns – What I see

Hi there curious readers :) Today it’s time to talk about astrology again yayyy I want to talk about Capricorns, about what I’ve noticed and maybe some stuff, that is not mentioned in the usual Sun sign description. Let me start by saying that both, my mom and my husband are Capricorns, so I’ve had the chance to get to know this sign very deeply and from every angle . I myself have a Capricorn rising aka ascendant, you can read my Sun, Moon and Rising Sign post to see, what the rising sign means and represents.

Evey sign in the zodiac has it’s talents, positive traits and a dark side – no sign is better than the other. But for me personally Capricorn is the best sign, just because they represent all the awesome traits like determination, patience & stability, that I as a Gemini don’t have. This is why I admire them so much! They know exactly what they want and they are going to get it!

Workaholics or procrastinators? Whenever you read about Capricorns they always talk about work and career and how much of a workaholics they are. Here’s a bomb news for you – they are not! Yes, they do like money and they will do whatever necessary, but they do not enjoy working. Capricorns are huge procrastinators and leave everything to the last minute and never do more then they have to, unless they gain something from it.

Organization skills? Since Caps are so good at getting to all their goals, determined and serious people, you would think they are well-organized, am I right? Yeah, they are not. Capricorns are not good at organizing, as I said they procrastinate and do everything on the last minute, yet somehow they still get everything done! Also they are pretty messy with their things, they do things but they don’t put away anything! A pile of clothes here, a pile of documents there, a pile of letters over here, pots and pans that they pulled out looking for something around and so on… :D Yes, I know all might not be that way, but every Capricorn I’ve know is that way in a more or less way :)

Close minded? Again being considered the serious and traditional sign, one could think that Caps are close minded. Not true at all! They are actually one of the most open minded signs in the zodiac. They are great conversation partners to talk about whatever subject and they are not the type to judge people. Unless they hate you, then they love to judge you, but if you are a friend know that they will never judge or ridicule you!

They see right through you! Capricorns are great in reading people. My mom always knew things about people, cause she sensed it. An old school friend, she didn’t like certain people and I didn’t understand, until I saw what see saw way before. My husband, has never been wrong about anyone, never wrong in 10 years! That is amazing and creepy at the same time. I don’t know how you Caps do that, but you’re awesome!

Best manipulators! I am not saying this a s a bad thing, every sign has their way of manipulating people. All the horoscopes always say how Geminis are manipulators, but Capricorns are so great at it, that no one even knows they are doing it! The ability to read people makes it easy for them. Their manipulating style is to make you think it was your idea to do whatever they want you to do! It’s easy to catch other signs manipulating, but with Capricorn you never know! This is what makes them great business men and women :D

Capricorn vs Aries. For some unknown reason most of the Caps I know, just can’t get along with Aries. I mean they’re both horny signs (in both ways ;) ), determined, strong will power and other similarities, but they usually dislike each other. They can get along on a superficial level, but if you have Aries and Capricorn in family then there’s usually some tension involved.

Money and Love. We have already settled, that Capricorns love money and they have a tendency to show their love with money and things. It’s funny actually how they want to have money, but they usually spend it on others rather than themselves. They are very generous! My mom used to go shopping buying a bunch of stuff and then gave like 90% of the stuff to me :D And she still does that, she buys a lot of stuff even if she doesn’t have any money and then gives everything away to others.

These were some things I have noticed and aren’t usually mentioned about Capricorns. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it may help you understand the Capricorns in your life better :) Feel free to leave your stories about Capricorns below, and if you’re a Capricorn let me know what do you think about this post!

With Love,


Geminis – What many don’t see

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Geminis – What many don’t see

Hiiiiii! Today I want to talk about the Geminis and what are the most common misunderstandings about them. Again, I’m not an astrologer I just speak from my experience, things I’ve noticed about Geminis. Also I am one myself, so it’s easy for me to confirm if something is true or not. Also I need to mention that this doesn’t mean all Geminis act or feel this way, or whatever sign I’m talking about. Everyone has their different influences in their chart, so of course someone is going to be like: “Hey, I don’t do this, but I am this sign.” It is common sense, if one thing doesn’t match, it doesn’t mean all astrology is fake. Hope that’s clear now.

Social butterflies, always on social media. I always read about how Geminis are the social network queens and kings, how they’re always on there and have all the accounts possible. Most of the Geminis I know are quite private and prefer stay low on social media sites. Including myself, I have cancelled my accounts on several occasions and there are periods when I really need to take a break. Also many Geminis hate the spotlight and fame.

Two faced. I mean yeah we are two faced, but not in that way. We have two (probably more) faces, cause we can see things from different perspectives at the same time. We can relate almost to everything. We do not fake to fit in somewhere, we just have parts of everything inside.

Cheaters, impossible to create a long term relationship. Everyone is so scared to date a Gemini, cause Geminis like to flirt and change their mind quite often. But when it comes to love, there is no game. I know a lot of long term couples and marriages, where one person is a Gemini. I myself am an example of that, 10 years baby :) Geminis are very caring and considerate of their partners. Just don’t try to cage us or control us, or the rebel twin will come out ;)

Coldhearted. Geminis are not coldhearted and emotionless, except for Kanye West :D Actually he does have one emotion – anger. But, what was I saying. Geminis are not very good with emotions, they get overwhelmed by too many emotions and just hide them under their mask. I believe that many Geminis are very hurt inside, probably they have been hurt in the past cause misunderstood. Geminis are pretty sensitive to be honest, like their neighbours Cancers, but they don’t like to show it.  Be gentle with them, I promise you will be positively surprised :)


Found these on tumblr (geminizone)


1) Despite the amount of hatred and comments they get about being heartless, they’re actually very big on caring, and often take others feelings into consideration before theirs.

2) They’re very strong minded. You cannot outthink or outsmart a Gemini. You can try doing so though; you won’t make it very far.

3) They know how to forgive, and will sometimes easily forgive.. They’ll never forget what you’ve done to them though, and will 9 times out of 10 not treat you in a way that you was treated before.

4) They are natural flirts, like it just happens. So boys and girls, if you’re in a relationship with a Gemini, please don’t be alarmed!

5) It is said constantly that Gemini’s are unable to stick around one thing for a long time, and always need change… BUT, once they find the one they truly love and admire, they’ll committed and very faithful.

6) They cry easily. Yes, I said it. The only reason you won’t catch a Gemini crying is because they’re always crying alone.

7) The littlest things excites a Gemini. They don’t expect and always want the big things.


1) Gemini’s may appear outgoing and bubbly, but they’re actually very shy people, and can get nervous quite easily.

2) A Gemini will go above and beyond investigating when it comes to receiving the information they truly want.

3) When a Gemini tells you they love you, believe it. Love isn’t something easily and commonly passed around when it comes to Gemini’s.

4) If a Gemini appears quiet to you, don’t believe they’re quiet! Just saying.

5) You cannot tell a Gemini what not to do without them doing it. They hate following rules sometimes.

6) Gemini’s tend to very independent. We’ll only depend on those who’s worth depending on, and that’s rare to find.

7) You cannot lie to a Gemini. We may accept and entertain your lies, but that does not mean we believe you; we’re going to just not tell you.

And that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post about Geminis and that it might help you, with Geminis in your life. I would love to hear your experiences with Geminis, bad or good. Don’t worry, I won’t get offended – there are some crazy gems out there, I’ve met them…. So yeah, let me know, cause I’m one curious gemini ;) And leave your sign as well. Take care peeps,


Capricorns – What I see

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The Beautiful Side of Scorpios

Let’s talk about Aquarius

Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

Heyyyy peeps :) Finally an astrology post! I wasn’t sure if to make a different posting day for the topic and I wasn’t sure if I should write about it, cause I feel intimidated by all the amazing astrologers out there. I always need to remind myself, that I created this blog to share things I myself am still learning. I’ve always had a passion for this topic, but I discovered there was more to it then just the 12 Sun signs and since then it has been mind blowing and fulfilling to slowly learn about everything. Getting to know my birth chart has helped me to understand myself in so many ways. I want others to make discoveries about themselves as well. I love to observe and find patterns, that’s why astrology is so fun for me ;)

The Sun Sign is considered by many the most important part of you, but I believe (as many others) that Moon and Rising sign are just as important. It’s like saying that heart is the most important part of the body, but we couldn’t live without lungs or brain either. It takes all of these three signs to get a fuller picture someone. But all components in the birth chart are very important.

Sun sign aka star sign is the one that most people know about themselves. Sun sign is your ego you, it’s your basic personality and traits. Moon and Rising are the reason why all the (Sun) signs are not the same. Your Sun is your everyday self, I would call it the “auto” mode. Think about the Sun sign as a meal without the preparation and spices, it has it’s main qualities but it’s the spices and way of preparation that make it what it is ;)


Moon sign is even more important to women, cause Moon is the feminine energy, which means women feel it more strongly. The Moon is how we feel, our emotions, what goes on under the surface, our instincts and inner self. It has to do with what’s going on in our love life, family, home. As a Gemini I was always confused about why was I so sensitive and emotional, I was supposed to be this fun i-don’t-give-a-f… person, but I was always an emotional wreck. Then I found out my Moon sign was cancer, all explained!


Rising sign aka ascendant is a bit trickier, it took me a while to figure out what does it bring to the table and how does it work. The most common explanation is, that the rising sign is the mask we wear, the first impression we give to people. My rising sign is capricorn and I definitely don’t give the impression of a calm, patient and serious person :D The other, less known explanation is that it’s what we came to work towards too. That makes lot of sense to me, I always wish I was more consistent, that I was more ambitious, that I had more earth sign qualities. So maybe the mask story comes from here. We try to be more like our rising sign, so we wear the mask but we’re really not there yet. I would call this the “wannabe” sign :D


I hope this helped some of you to understand better what each sign stand for.


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Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and also your three signs :) Especially if we have chatted or you are a regular visitor, so I can analyze you and use you for my personal research :D :P

I really hope you enjoyed this post,
See you soon with a new post!


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