iZombie zodiac signs

Vaughn Du Clark – Aries

Liv (Olivia Moore) – Taurus

Blaine DeBeers – Gemini


Ravi Chakrabarti – Cancer

Gilda – Leo

Drake Holloway – Virgo

Major Lilywhite – Libra

Julien Dupont-  Scorpio

Lowell Tracey – Sagittarius

Clive Babineaux – Capricorn

Don – Aquarius


Peyton Charles – Pisces



Pretty Little Liars zodiac signs

A few days ago on Instagram I saw a post about the Pretty Little Liars characters zodiac signs. I didn’t agree with most of it, so I created my own. If you enjoy this post let me know and I’ll make more of these. Also if you wonder why I put someone under a certain sign, ask & I’ll let you know :)



Aries – Caleb, Veronica Hastings

Taurus – Toby

Gemini – Aria, Wren

Cancer – Emily, Mike, Ella Montomery


Leo – Melissa

Virgo – Spencer, Pam Fields

Libra – Hanna

Scorpio – CeCe Drake, Paige

Sagittarius – Mona, Jason


Capricorn –  Erza, Ashley Marin

Aquarius – Jenna, Maya,


Pisces – Alison


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About Aries


Hello again :) Today I want to talk about Aries a little. I’m not going to give you the description of Aries personality, but I’m going to talk about things I’ve noticed about them. Just in case let me remind you, that astrology is not only about the sun sign! If you don’t act like your sun sign, it means some other sign in your birth chart has a strong influence, usually that is the moon and rising sun. We are the sum of our natal chart, very complicated and very colorful :)

Now on to Aries. I have many Aries friends and acquaintances, also my father is one. Right now I’m only doing this “series” about things I’ve noticed about signs, about the signs I have many experience with. I don’t even know if I can make all twelve signs, cause I really don’t have anything to say about certain signs, cause I haven’t had many people under that sign in my life. Just wanted to point that out.

Workaholics. They are the true workaholics of the zodiac, they often go too far and hurt themselves. They will put their health at risk just to get things done! They are the people that end up in a hospital and start doing stuff as soon as they get out. I’ve seen in a lot  with many Aries people – my dad is one of them! Some weeks ago he injured his hand with a saw, they kept him in the hospital for 10 days and all he could think of was “what are the things he can do with one hand only?”


Lifelong friends. Great great friends. Aries will be that high school friend, that still remembers your birthday when you’re 50! They have a huge respect for their friends and always do little things to keep the friendship lasting and their friends happy :)

Goodhearted and always willing to help. Aries is often seen as very harsh and angry, which is not true at all. I mean if they are angry they will yell the shit out of you, but usually they are very calm and happy people. Aries are very caring and help out the people near to them, even if they are not in the best terms with a person, they will still help them out as much as they can. But don’t think you can take advantage of them, they will have no problem cutting you out. But as I was saying they are actually very tender and teddy bearish inside ^.^

Musical talents. I think 90% of the Aries I know have a great musical talent, they might not make a career of that. My father has a beautiful strong singing voice (also very scary deep voice when angry hahhah) and he plays guitar, my Aries-Taurus bff sings, plays saxofone , guitar, accordion, piano and was a music teacher, her two Aries exes were both very talented musicians who played instruments, sang and wrote songs, another Aries friend has a beautiful singing voice and a internet friend is a very talented song-writer, singer and pays piano and guitar. Sorry for the ramble but just to make a point here.

Want things done their way. In Aries world there is only one way to do things – their way! Don’t even try to argue about that! They will not acknowledge that there are two ways to get something done, do it their way or feel their rage :D

Order!!!!! Most Aries love order, everything needs to be clean and tidy and everything has it’s place! It is very difficult to be married to an Aries, cause they will find everything that is not in their right place and not clean enough and they will tell you, again and again and again! I’ve seen this with many Aries men. It can also be a good thing, having a husband that won’t leave his dirty clothes around the house, who washes his own dishes and puts away everything he uses. I want to share a tragic extreme story about an Aries husband, who hung himself and left a goodbye note:”I just wanted some order” That is very sad and very extreme of course, but you see many under this sign have a strong need for order.

Charismatic and flirty. To end on a happier topic, Aries people are very charismatic and pleasant to be around. They are usually very well educated, polite and with a good sense of humor. And as you’ve probably heard, also very flirty. It’s impossible for them not to flirt, they don’t even realize and they don’t mean to hurt their partners, it’s just like breathing to them. So a very jealous person should probably not date an Aries!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found out something new :) Please let me know in the comments your experience with Aries people or if you are an Aries let me know if you can relate to some of the things I wrote about!

To wrap this post up I want to say how much I appreciate my Aries father, he is my best friend! I mean it wasn’t easy when I was a teenager, he is an Aries who wants control and order, while I am a Gemini who who hates rules and lives in chaos! But somehow we got past this and I feel very lucky to have him! I like, that he is such a strong person, he is my rock and where I feel safe! I love that he is hardworking, honest, funny and doesn’t give a shit about what people think about him (this is my favorite quality :D). Thanks dad for being so awesome! ♥

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