BH 120 Palette: Intense Dark Blue


Hello Hello! So I thought I wasn’t going to do this weeks look, cause it’s been way too hot and I just didn’t feel like caking up my face. BUT this monring I woke up and decided to just do it until there’s a bit of morning freshness :) My lovlies Kate and Amy already have their looks up, so go and check them out!






I hope you like my look and I’m gonna go and do some yoga with this cakeface on :D Hey,I put time and love into this look so I’m not planning to take it off right away even if I need to do physical activity with it :P



Have a good day loves!

♥ ♥ ♥


BH 120 palette: Orange


Hellllooouuuuu people :) Another week of collaboration with my peeps ^_^ Kate’s look will go up a little later this week so go and check it out later today.




Orange is not an easy color to wear, in fact I think it’s the most difficult color of them all. When it comes to makeup I think that orange looks great on brown eyes, it makes blue eyes pop but it can penalize green eyes. Plus it looks on tanned skin, but it doesn’t do any favors to those with a pink undertoned skin. But I also think that with a little bit and effort  and creativity we can all make any color work on us!


I went for a soft (don’t I always?) look and decided not to add any eyeliner. I decided to use white on my lids to take away a bit of orange as it doesn’t suit me too well.


1. Went in with a fluffy blending brush and applied this beautiful peachy orange in the crease

2. The I took a flat eyeshadow brush and applied this white matte color on my lids, took to the inner corners as well and highlighted my browbones with it

3. With a small brush I placed this beautiful bright and shimmery orange color on my lower lash line

4. With another small brush I took this golden yellowish orange color and applied it in the outer part of my lower lash line

*This makeup looks definitely more intense in real, this camera likes to eat up all the colors :(


Then hubs came home, looked at me and said he didn’t like this makeup cause it made my eyes look swallen and puffy….. My first reaction was to beat him but I held my breathe and thought of a good answer but found that he wasn’t that wrong. So before heading out of the door I added some eyeliner on top and halfway in my waterline plus mascara on my lower lashes – after that this makeup was also husband approved :D


Viso/Face: essence match2cover concealer

Maybelline Fit Me foundation 115 Ivory

BH 10 color blush palette (the peachy orange blush)

Sopracciglia/Eyebrows: Neve cosmetics Nebbia Fissante (fixing spray)

KIKO Light Impulse 02 elegant shades collection

Occhi/Eyes: essence Colour Arts eye base

DARS Queen Double Eye Shadow pencil (white as a base)

BH 120 color palette 1st edition

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara 03 Extreme Black

Pupa True Kohl

KIKO Ultimate Pen Eyeliner

Labbra/Lips: KIKO Ultra Stylo Glossy SPF15 806 Mandarino


I hope you enjoyed this look and have a great day loves!

♥ ♥ ♥

BH 120 palette: Brown


Weeks are going by so fast and we’re already at the 5th edition of this challenge! This week Maria is joining us and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Take a look at the looks my lovely ladies created this week:




And here’s my look :) As you can tell this weeks theme was brown.


1. Main color on the lid + lower lashline

2. Outer v and crease + lower lashline

3. Transfer color in the crease (I applyed this before 2 ofcourse)

4. Browbone and inner corners of my eyes


Lips: Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss 07 Rosa Baby + essence XXXL lipgloss 03 Timeless Beauty Lashes: Hollywood Eyelashes

Finishing this post with a smile :) Have a great day everyone <3


♥ ♥ ♥

BH 120 palette: Green


It’s time for our BH 120 palette collab again wooot wooot! This week we chose greeeeeeen. I had quite a few ideas, but ended up with a simpler look, cause I always do my makeup in the morning and then I have to walk around the city with whatever comes out. I wanted to do a cut-crease kind of makeup at first but I’m not that skilled so I didn’t wanna mess up too much and went for this easier look. Now please check out also Amy and Kate’s looks if you haven’t yet!






My gosh this green color is gorgeous, I’m gonna be using this a lot in the future *-* I just packed on this gorgeous dark teal green color, blended it out with a lighter green and then added a lime green color on my lower lashline and voilà! Add some lashes and eyeliner and you’ve got yourself a glamorous yet fun makeup :)



I hope you enjoyed my this week’s look and talk to you all soon <3 Mmmmwahhh :*


BH 120 palette: Pink All Over


Hey loves, today is the second post of our BH 120 1st edition palette collaboration with Kate and Amy and we chose PINK! Go check out their looks as well ^-^

Amy’s look

Kate’s look


Excuse my lashes, I already had mascara on from that morning so it got a little yucky :P But other than that I hope you like this pink look I created :)


Face: essence match2cover concealer

Maybelline Fit Me foundation 115

glossip blush 03 Child

essence stay all-day concealer

Eyebrows: Neve Cosmetics Nebbia Fissante fixing spray

KIKO light Impulse 02 elegant shades collection

glossip eyebrow pencil 02 Tandoori

Eyes: essence Color Arts eye base

DARS perfection Queen jumbo pencil white

BH 120 eyeshadow palette 1st edition

Maybelline Expert Eyes, Crayon Oriental

Lips: KIKO Pencil lip gloss 07 Rosa Baby

KIKO Unlimited lipgloss 05


*Crazy face* :D


Have a good day peeps <3

BH 120 palette: White, silver & black


Hello there munchkins! So the other day,my lovely blogger friend Kate proposed we did a BH 120 1st edition palette collab and from there we came up with a whole collab series and our dear friend Amy joined as well. Basically every week we’re going to choose a color theme and create a look with that color from this palette. This is a great way to give all of you other BH 120 1st edition palette owners to get ideas and inspiration and everyone else of course. And it’s great for us too to play around with different colors and explore the palette :) I hope you enjoy this new series! Oh and Kate also has a giveaway going on for her 1 year blogiversary so go check that out as well! <3

Amy’s look

Kate’s look


 I had a great idea in my head, but we all know when it comes to recreating something you visualize it’s not that easy! So here’s my crappy take on these colors :D And oh my, was this a bad lash day! First I ripped a part a pair of my lashes lying around on a shelf, the second pair just didn’t fit right even though already cut and worn before. I finally managed to apply these but still today I have small clumps of lashglue on my natural lashes…..I know, a total disaster. Oh and while I was applying lashes I got my coffee-kick, you know when your heart starts to race and hands get shaky – not fun! Have you ever experienced that?