iZombie zodiac signs

Vaughn Du Clark – Aries

Liv (Olivia Moore) – Taurus

Blaine DeBeers – Gemini


Ravi Chakrabarti – Cancer

Gilda – Leo

Drake Holloway – Virgo

Major Lilywhite – Libra

Julien Dupont-  Scorpio

Lowell Tracey – Sagittarius

Clive Babineaux – Capricorn

Don – Aquarius


Peyton Charles – Pisces



Pretty Little Liars zodiac signs

A few days ago on Instagram I saw a post about the Pretty Little Liars characters zodiac signs. I didn’t agree with most of it, so I created my own. If you enjoy this post let me know and I’ll make more of these. Also if you wonder why I put someone under a certain sign, ask & I’ll let you know :)



Aries – Caleb, Veronica Hastings

Taurus – Toby

Gemini – Aria, Wren

Cancer – Emily, Mike, Ella Montomery


Leo – Melissa

Virgo – Spencer, Pam Fields

Libra – Hanna

Scorpio – CeCe Drake, Paige

Sagittarius – Mona, Jason


Capricorn –  Erza, Ashley Marin

Aquarius – Jenna, Maya,


Pisces – Alison


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Capricorns – What I see

Hi there curious readers :) Today it’s time to talk about astrology again yayyy I want to talk about Capricorns, about what I’ve noticed and maybe some stuff, that is not mentioned in the usual Sun sign description. Let me start by saying that both, my mom and my husband are Capricorns, so I’ve had the chance to get to know this sign very deeply and from every angle . I myself have a Capricorn rising aka ascendant, you can read my Sun, Moon and Rising Sign post to see, what the rising sign means and represents.

Evey sign in the zodiac has it’s talents, positive traits and a dark side – no sign is better than the other. But for me personally Capricorn is the best sign, just because they represent all the awesome traits like determination, patience & stability, that I as a Gemini don’t have. This is why I admire them so much! They know exactly what they want and they are going to get it!

Workaholics or procrastinators? Whenever you read about Capricorns they always talk about work and career and how much of a workaholics they are. Here’s a bomb news for you – they are not! Yes, they do like money and they will do whatever necessary, but they do not enjoy working. Capricorns are huge procrastinators and leave everything to the last minute and never do more then they have to, unless they gain something from it.

Organization skills? Since Caps are so good at getting to all their goals, determined and serious people, you would think they are well-organized, am I right? Yeah, they are not. Capricorns are not good at organizing, as I said they procrastinate and do everything on the last minute, yet somehow they still get everything done! Also they are pretty messy with their things, they do things but they don’t put away anything! A pile of clothes here, a pile of documents there, a pile of letters over here, pots and pans that they pulled out looking for something around and so on… :D Yes, I know all might not be that way, but every Capricorn I’ve know is that way in a more or less way :)

Close minded? Again being considered the serious and traditional sign, one could think that Caps are close minded. Not true at all! They are actually one of the most open minded signs in the zodiac. They are great conversation partners to talk about whatever subject and they are not the type to judge people. Unless they hate you, then they love to judge you, but if you are a friend know that they will never judge or ridicule you!

They see right through you! Capricorns are great in reading people. My mom always knew things about people, cause she sensed it. An old school friend, she didn’t like certain people and I didn’t understand, until I saw what see saw way before. My husband, has never been wrong about anyone, never wrong in 10 years! That is amazing and creepy at the same time. I don’t know how you Caps do that, but you’re awesome!

Best manipulators! I am not saying this a s a bad thing, every sign has their way of manipulating people. All the horoscopes always say how Geminis are manipulators, but Capricorns are so great at it, that no one even knows they are doing it! The ability to read people makes it easy for them. Their manipulating style is to make you think it was your idea to do whatever they want you to do! It’s easy to catch other signs manipulating, but with Capricorn you never know! This is what makes them great business men and women :D

Capricorn vs Aries. For some unknown reason most of the Caps I know, just can’t get along with Aries. I mean they’re both horny signs (in both ways ;) ), determined, strong will power and other similarities, but they usually dislike each other. They can get along on a superficial level, but if you have Aries and Capricorn in family then there’s usually some tension involved.

Money and Love. We have already settled, that Capricorns love money and they have a tendency to show their love with money and things. It’s funny actually how they want to have money, but they usually spend it on others rather than themselves. They are very generous! My mom used to go shopping buying a bunch of stuff and then gave like 90% of the stuff to me :D And she still does that, she buys a lot of stuff even if she doesn’t have any money and then gives everything away to others.

These were some things I have noticed and aren’t usually mentioned about Capricorns. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it may help you understand the Capricorns in your life better :) Feel free to leave your stories about Capricorns below, and if you’re a Capricorn let me know what do you think about this post!

With Love,


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