BH 120 palette: Pink All Over


Hey loves, today is the second post of our BH 120 1st edition palette collaboration with Kate and Amy and we chose PINK! Go check out their looks as well ^-^

Amy’s look

Kate’s look


Excuse my lashes, I already had mascara on from that morning so it got a little yucky :P But other than that I hope you like this pink look I created :)


Face: essence match2cover concealer

Maybelline Fit Me foundation 115

glossip blush 03 Child

essence stay all-day concealer

Eyebrows: Neve Cosmetics Nebbia Fissante fixing spray

KIKO light Impulse 02 elegant shades collection

glossip eyebrow pencil 02 Tandoori

Eyes: essence Color Arts eye base

DARS perfection Queen jumbo pencil white

BH 120 eyeshadow palette 1st edition

Maybelline Expert Eyes, Crayon Oriental

Lips: KIKO Pencil lip gloss 07 Rosa Baby

KIKO Unlimited lipgloss 05


*Crazy face* :D


Have a good day peeps <3


Collaboration with Elegant Rebel Beauty: Olivia Wilde look

Last week I saw this really cool collaboration post and I thought it would be really cool to do this too. Few days later I got an e-mail from Stephanie, where she asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her. Obviously the answer was yes, since I already really liked the idea. So we both chose a look for eachother and here’s what came out! =)

Stephanie:“Mammu sent me three looks to choose from. One was a redhead model look, and one was Mila Kunis. The third was this Kristen Stewart look. I chose this one from the three because it scared me the most. Kristen Stewart and I look nothing alike! She has dark hair, green eyes that are a lot smaller than mine, smaller lips and a more slender nose, by far. While I know I don’t look like her in this look, I tried my best to replicate the makeup. I even added green contacts and much darker brows than I’ve ever been used to. I’m glad I chose this look, and that Mammu sent it to me. I actually really like the way it turned out! The photo has only been photoshopped under my eyes to remove a bit of fallout that I hadn’t noticed pre-photos. By the time I uploaded the photos onto my computer, my camera had died, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to reshoot, so I just cheated and removed the makeup smudges via editing. Nothing else has been changed. (Remember, I’m a photographer so I know how to use light and have a professional camera, I swear I don’t cheat!).”


This is not a look she would usually rock, but she did a great job recreating Kristen Stewart’s look. It looks very cool and edgy on her! If you want to know how she did it and what she used, then tale a look at her post and what’s even better, she uses mostly natural, cruelty-free, free of toxins ecc cosmetics, so there is one more reason to take a look at her blog! I don’t really know her that well yet, but she gives me this impression of a strong, independent and smart women, who knows exactly what she wants, what to say and when to say, someone who is beautiful inside and out and embraces the natural beauty in all of us! Thanks for asking me to do this fun collaboration with you! <3

Stephanie: “This week, I collaborated with Mammu. This girl is insanely (enviably!) gorgeous, and an utter sweetheart to match her pretty face. I love her blog and her charm, and had a look picked out for her before I even approached her. I think Mammu looks a lot like Olivia Wilde. With her twinkly, mischievous eyes and big, glowing smile, not to mention her perfect complexion, I knew she’d pull this look off perfectly. And she did! I really don’t think she could have done a better job with this look, and I’m so glad she agreed to work with me!”

I’m beyond flattered by her words and will be smiling for the next days to come =)




M used

Base: Can’t live without my concealers, especially when copying Olivia’s flawless face. itstyle concealer 03, KIKO Full Coverage Concealer 01

KIKO Medium Foundation A2 rosa chiaro

Eyebrows: I didn’t do anything cause Olivia’s eyebrown are thinner and lighter then mine, by not filling them in I got a more similar result

Eyes: I didn’t use any eye primer, since I was planning to stay home all day. First I added a little bit of a cream higligher on my lids and on top of it KIKO eyeshadow 100, I applyed it under my lower lashline as well . I didn’t understand from the photo if she had some darker brown on the outer corners of her eyelids or was it the shadow of the lashes, but I decided to add just a tiny bit of a darker eyeshadow from my KIKO Light Implulse elegant shades eyeshadow 02 palette.

Face: At first I applyed the mineral blush London Mood by Neve cosmetics, but then realized that Olivia’s blush was more coral than pink so I added a little bit of Origami mineral blush by Neve cosmetics.  What really pulls her look toghether is higlighting. I applyed my higlighter from KIKO Color Correction Concealer Wheel on my cheekbones and a tiny bit on my chin and between (;little bit higher) my eyebrows.

Lips: For lips I mixed a fuchsia color and an orange-gold color from my TCW palette to get a similar shade since I don’t own any lipsticks that are similar to the one Olivia wears with this look.

And that’s all I did. This was so fun to do and hopefully I will do more collaboration posts in future, why haven’t I done one sooner!? Leave me your ideas and advices for more collaboration post down in the comments!