August’15 Favorites


Time for favorites! There are some things that you have already seen on my blog, but let’s be real, most people don’t have new things and new favorites every month! My first favorite is this cute peplum top you saw in my latest outfit post OOTD #26 – Aqua Peplum. I’m now officially in love with peplums, I’m very late on this trend, but that’s just how I roll :D I’m always late on trends, I tend to be very mistrusting of trends and when I’m finally ready to give it a try, everyone is already over it lol


Bottega Verde Age Sublime smoothing-antiage day face cream for luminous and radiant skin with PGG 5 and Red Maple, SPF 15. Bottega Verde is a green italian brand and I used to buy a lot of stuff from them, when living in Italy. I got this little sample with one of my orders. I didn’t like it at all before and now I really like it, I must of got old inbetween that now this age cream suits my skin :P It’s nice for summer since it has SPF. In the past it broke me out, but now I mainly only put it on the dry parts of my face (under my eyes, my nose) and it works great for me.

Kiko nail lacquer 336 Electric Blue I think it’s a great fun summer color. I mostly wore it on my toenails and I think it looked great. On my finger nails I only wore it once, simpy cause I don’t like to wear nail polish, but this color is stunning.


Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss 06 Pink Glitter I almost left this baby out, even though this is probably the most used lip product of the month. Usually I don’t like it too much on me, but I think it looks better when I’m tanned since it has golden glitter in it. Here’s look where I used it MOTD #38 – Kiko kajal 110 Turchese I know I don’t look tanned at all, but I swear it’s the photocamera that totally washes out any color from my face!



I found another yummy healthy drink yayyy Too bad healthy things cost a fortune :( It’s a white jasmine tea with niacin, biotin, vitamin b6 and b12 and no preservatives.



bh cosmetics Day & Night eyeshadow palette I was so happy to get back my palettes at the end of July, I’ve been using mostly this lovely palette and these four shades are my most used right now.


My favorite blush at the moment is this slightly peachy pink from bh cosmetics 10 color palette

Thanks for checking out my monthly favorites <3 Who’s ready for fall?  By the way should I do my fall essentials post?