MOTD #83

Hello babes, hope you’re doing well! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but you know…life happens. But here I am :) I hope you’ll like todays makeup look.

Ciao dolcezze, spero state tutte bene! Mi scuso per non aver pubblicato per un po’ ma sapete com’è….la vita succede. Ma eccomi qua :) Spero vi piace il trucco d’oggi.


Catrice camouflage cream 010 Ivory

Catrice Made To Stay Make Up foundation 010 Nude Beige

Golden Rose Silky Touch Compact Powder 04

Neve cosmetics mineral blush Bombay

Aura Satin texture Highlighter 220 Moonlight glorious cheeks


essence eyebrow stylist 01 natural brunette


essence I <3 stage eye base

BH cosmetics 120 colors eyeshadow palette 1st edition (yellow & light brown in the crease)

MUA Undress Me Too (Naked & Obsessed)

Aura Satin texture Highlighter 220 Moonlight glorious cheeks (inner corner & browbone)

Kiko Kajal 110 Turquoise

essence liquid ink eyeliner

essence get BIG! lashes triple black mascara

Aura power lashes 07 Nubian Queen

Fing’rs precision lash adhesive


Golden Rose Liquid Matte Lipstick 10

Have a lovely day :*

Passate una bella giornata :*


MOTD #49 – Snowy Day Acqua Makeup

Happy Monday everyone! Today hubs goes back to work and probably many of you as well, what a sad day! Holidays are over and a long winter is ahead :/ Yesterday it was snowing hard, when we decided to go for a family walk before hubs goes back to work – bad idea! The wind was very cold and snow blowing in our faces, kids were not amused :D And neither was I. But at least my makeup looked good :P

Buon lunedì a tutti! Oggi mio marito ritorna al lavoro e probabilmente anche molti di voi, che giornata triste! Le feste sono finite e ci aspetta un lungo inverno :/ Ieri stava nevicando tanto, quando abbiamo deciso di fare una passeggiata di famiglia prima, che torna a lavorare mio marito – cattica idea! Il vento era forte e freddo e ci soffiava la neve in faccia, i bambini non erano divertiti :D E nemmeno io. Ma almeno avevo un bel trucco :P


All the eyeshadows I used are from BH cosmetics Day & Night palette. For my brows I used essence eyebrow stylist set 01 brunette style. The blush I’m wearing is a peachy pink shade from BH cosmetics 10 color blush palette and for my highlighter I used flormar Mono Eye Shadow 15. On my lips I’m wearing Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in The One topped with essence xxxl shine lipgloss 29 cute pink.

Tutti gli ombretti sono dalla Day & Night palette di BH cosmetics. Per le sopracciglia ho usato essence eyebrow stylist set 01 brunette style. Il blush, che indosso è un rosa pesca dalla 10 color blush palette di BH cosmetics e ho usato flormar Mono Eye Shadow 15 come l’illuminante. Sulle labbra ho Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick The One con il essence xxxl shine lipgloss 29 cute pink.


Lots of kisses and see you all soon!

Tanti baci e ci sentiamo presto!



Beautiful Ladies with Colorful Hair

I better stop now, cause I could ho on forever with these photos!

Ora è meglio che smetto, perché potrei continuare all’infinito con queste foto!


The Goddess In You

Little bit of Mother Nature brings out the Goddess in all of us ♥

“A woman in harmony with her spirit
is like a river flowing.
She goes where she will without pretense
and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself,
and only herself.”

~Maya Angelou

“Walking on the path of celebrating your inner light, and empowering your spirit – is to embrace the divine nature of your self, in a day to day in a graceful way you have within you the tools to awaken, nurture, and heal your essence, the goddess in YOU”
Angie Karan

“She had power over the most magnificent forces on Earth, but she still didn’t feel like she had power over the most important thing of all—her own heart.”
Josephine Angelini, Goddess

Sending so much love to all of you Goddesses out there ♥


When the internet is off…

Hello babes 💗 Yesterday evening the internet was so and the result was a clean house and a haircut!



I actually wanted to cut side bangs, but my hair was sitting so perfectly straight (as you can see from the next photo). They will grow into side bangs soon anyway, in the meantime I can have fun with a new look :)


Was it a good idea? I’m happy for now, I was getting bored without any bangs :P

Have a good day loves,


OOTD #21 Floral Shorts

Hiiii ☀ How did your monday go? Did you all survive? 😁 Today I’m sharing another outfit in the form of lousy cellphone photographs 😭 Please cross your fingers that I get all my things (including my camera!!!!!!) on sunday!


As you can see it’s a simple outfit for a warm summer day. I threw a long sleeve sweater over my shoulders, cause it was a little chilly early in the morning. If I get cold on my shoulders I get terrible headaches :(


Shorts – Denzel
Sandals – Denzel
Top – OVS industry
Necklace – Tally Weijl
Bracelet – Handmade


Hugs & Kisses,

Mammu ✨

OOTD #20 Playground Chill

Hello Hello How are you sweethearts? I’m still reporting from my phone *sob sob* But I thought I’d share a quick outfit I wore, while taking my boys to the playground.



The weather is great, if you like the burning sun, but I don’t mind personally. It only sucks cause my older son has the sun allergy :( One day he told me:”Why did have to get this sickness! I want to play in the sun!” Awww 💔 I really hope he will grow out of it, cause there is no better thing then fresh air and sunshine and I want him to be able to enjoy it.



The first time in 7-8 years I’m showing my belly! Scary and liberating at the same time :) I have stretchmarks, I have flabby skin, hairy stomach and my bellybutton looks weird, but who cares! My tummy wanted some sunshine and I gave it to her :) Also as always I have an angry face but I promise you it’s cause of the sun in my eyes!


My whole outfit is from a shop called Denzel, I showed you the items in a haul. Again I need to thank my son for taking the pictures :)


Have a beautiful day friends,



OOTD #19 + Little Photographers

Gooood morning! It’s a beautiful day and this morning I took my boys out. I usually prefer to go out in the afternoon, but unless we wanna be cooked alive under the sun, it’s better to catch the morning freshness. The reason I prefer to go out in the afternoon is cause mornings are my productive time – I clean, I organize, I do yoga. For some reason I can’t get anything done in the afternoon! Is there someone else like me and what is your most productive time of the day?


Anyway, I thought I could also use my son to take photos of my outfit. After the playground I promised to take some photos of them if they took some of me and they did a good job :)


I am wearing a long dress I got from Denzel, my sandals are from there too. On my dress I have a lightweight sweater from Gruppofiori Italia (they sell different brands from Italy there like Jennifer & I don’t remember any other lol), I also rolled up my sleeves and tied it from my waist to give me at least some shape. My necklaces are serpentine and onyx crystals :) And the most important accessory – a hair tie as a bracelet! :D I always have one on my wrist for some reason. I think I’d feel lost without one.


Yes, I know I always have an angry face on my outfit photos! I swear it’s the sun in my eyes, I don’t look that mean all the time…I hope…


This one was taken by my (almost) 5 year old.



And these two were taken by my (almost) 7 year old, he also took the outfit photos. I think he has some potential hehheeehhee


My sweeties ❤

Moral of the story – who needs friends or a husband, if you can use your kids bahahahaahaaa What can I say, we all must use the resources we have. Our great-great-great grandparents put kids to work in the house and fields, I just make them take pictures :D

Have a good day everyone,