Weekend: Haul – Outfit – Chat

Hello everyone <3 I’ve been away from the blog & other social media, sorry for that. All is well, I’ve been just enjoying time with my family and cleaning like crazy :D This weekend I got to do a bit of shopping, so I thought I’d share.

Ciao tutte <3 Sono stata assente dal blog e altri miei social, scusate. Va tutto bene, ho semplicemente passato del tempo con la mia famiglia e fatto tante pulizie :D Nel weekend ho potuto fare un po’ di acquisti così ho pensato di approfittare  e farne un post.


The weather is getting warm again & I couldn’t resist a few snaps on the way to the mall. The outfit wasn’t nothing special. I pretty much whip this dress out every spring and wear it once :D Not that I don’t like it, it just happens like this!

Il tempo sta diventando più bello di nuovo e non ho potuto resistere di fare qualche foto sulla strada per il centro commerciale. L’outfit non è niente di speciale. Più o meno tiro fuori questo vestito ogni primavera e lo indosso solo una volta :D Non perché non mi piace, ma per qualche motivo finisce sempre così!

I went to Tally Weijl, where I finally found some chokers I liked. Some time ago I searched the mall near me for chokers, but only found few with really awful quality. I’m really glad with these :) Ialso got a pair of hoop earrings, haven’t worn these in a lifetime, but they’re becoming more trendy again. I just hope my little one won’t tear off my earlobes with these :D Lastly I got a cute lightweight t-shirt.

Sono andata a Tally Weijl dove ho finalmente trovato dei choker che mi piacevano. Qualche tempo fa ho perlustrato il centro commerciale vicino a noi in cerca dei choker e ne ho trovati pochissimi, tutti di qualità scarsissima che si sarebbero rotti dopo il primo uso :/ Ma sono molto contenta di questi. Ho preso anche un paio di orecchini cerchietto che non indosso da una vita, ora stanno tornando di moda. Spero solo che il mio piccolino non mi stacchi le orecchie con quelli :D E anche una maglietta leggera e comoda.

Of course I went to my favorite place, Lilly, the Serbian beauty store. I got some of my favorites like: lilly moisture care hair mask, bioten refreshing tonic, bioten cc cream & essence I love extreme crazy volume mascara. I also decided to try out Velnea Intensive Care conditioner, lilly body & hand lotion in berry, essence I love intensifying eyeshadow base and essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara. I wanted my usual favorite, esssence lash & brow gel mascara, but they didn’t have it. After I went to dm & of course they had it, but I already got the other one. I already tried the make me brow and actually quite liked it. From dm I got my favorite face wash – alverde face wash with seaweed (not on the photo).

Ovviamente sono andata nel mio posto preferito, Lilly, il negozio serbo di bellezza . Ho preso un po’ di miei preferiti:  lilly moisture care hair mask, bioten refreshing tonic, bioten cc cream & essence I love extreme crazy volume mascara. Ho voluto provare anche Velnea Intensive Care conditioner, lilly body & hand lotion in berry, essence I love intensifying eyeshadow base e essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara. Volevo prendere il mio olito preferito, esssence lash & brow gel mascara, ma non c’era. Dopo sono andata a dm e ovviamente lì ce l’avevano ma ormai avevo preso l’altro. L’ho già provato e devo dire che non è male. A dm ho preso anche il mio detersivo viso preferito – alverde face wash con alghe (non è sulla foto).

I got this gorgeous blush by Llums (Under The Sun 4), an rusty peachy color. It’s really silky and blends beautifully. I also got one Catrice Velvet Matt lip cream (040 Plumming Bird). I thought it was a liquid lipstick, cause some are called lip creams. I’m a little bummed about that, cause I probably won’t be wearing it much being scared that it will smudge. But hubs immediately complimented this, which he rarely does about makeup, so I guess I’ll have to wear it often :)

Ho preso questo bellissimo blush di Llums (Under The Sun 4), un colore pesca-arancione. È molto setoso e si sfuma benissimo. Ho comprato anche un Velvet Matt lip cream (040 Plumming Bird) di Catrice. Pensavo fosse un rossetto liquido, perché certi si chiamano anche lip cream. La cosa mi ha scocciato un po’, perché probabilmente non lo indosserò molto per la paura che sbava. Ma il mio marito mi ha subito fatto un complimento su questo (sui trucchi complimenta raramente, quindi penso che proverò indossarlo di più :)

From Terranova I got these highwaisted jeggins and oh my god, they are so comfy and nice fitting! I need to get more of these until they’re on sale! Actually they’re cheap also with a full price. The only thing I don’t like is that the holes on knees are so low. And it’s not because of height or anything, just the upper part is super long and the under the knee part is short. But I still love these! Also, it feels great to fit into an M again :P

Da Terranova ho preso un paio di jeggings a vita alta e sono conodissimi! Deve prenderne altri finché sono scontati, anche se a dire il vero non è tanto neanche il prezzo pieno. L’unica cosa che non mi piace è che i buchi sulle ginocchia sono troppo in basso. Non è una questioni di altezza: la parte superiore della gamba è troppo lunga e la parte inferiore è troppo corta. Ma mi piacciono comunque tanto. In più è bello stare nella M di nuovo :P

On Saturday we went to Metro to get the groceries for the week & some other stuff. Hubs told me I should get these, so I did :) And I really love them! Not as much as hubs for sure lol

Sabato siamo andati alla Metro per fare la spesa per la settimana. Mio marito ha detto che dovrei comprare questi pantaloni, così li ho presi :) E mi piacciono molto! Non quanto a mio marito però :P:D

And that’s it loves.  How was your weekend and what did you do? I hope you enjoyed this post & talk to you soon!

E questo è tutto care. Com’è andato il vostro weekend e cosa avete fatto? Spero vi è piaciuto il post e ci sentiamo presto!


OOTD #23 – Simple & cute


Hello darlings 💜 On Sunday I did some more birthday shopping & got some skirts 🙌 Of course I needed to put one in an outfit to show you 😋


T-shirt – from a little boutique in Veliko Tarnovo, BG
Skirt – Tally Weijl
Shoes – Denzel, Xcess


Such a simple, yet cute outfit, don’t you agree? :) Also very comfy & the skirt isn’t too short, so I don’t have to worry about showing my bum either :P

PS! The photos are courtesy of my 7 year old :D Poor thing, but he gets better every time 😄

Have a wonderful day loves,
Be grateful,



Summer’15 Clothing Wishlist

This is a hard one, there are so many cute summer clothes and I don’t really need anything nor am I looking for a specific piece of clothing. Usually I just see what the shops have to offer and go with the moment.

White Dresses


I’m pretty sure I have mentioned a million times how much I love white, especially dresses yet I don’t own any. So I’m making it a mission to have at least one white dress this summer!


They say you can’t go wrong with black. To me it’s with white :)



The last time I went to the beach was about 4 years ago and before that it was quite a long time too. I haven’t gone swimming in 7 years! Can you imagine!? This year we’re finally planning to get a vacation and go explore bulgarian seaside! Black Sea here we come. So of course I need to get new swimwear!

New Look swimwear


I’m not looking for a swimsuit cause they tend to be unflattering, but this one here seems to give a nice shape to the body and doesn’t flatten the chest. I really like the bikini style too, simple but cute :)

Forever 21 swimwear


I am looking for something simple, that doesn’t give me any weird tanlines. There are so many cute bikinis, swimsuits and monokinis, but they are rather impractical, unless you go in the indoor pool.


Dilute the power merch

I found them on instagram and I would love to have some of their pieces. I like the message they have.


You guys should know by now, that I’m a little rebel, I don’t like rules, I don’t like to obey and I don’t like the system! ;) Because Fuck the system!


So these are the main things on my mind right now :)

Have a Beautiful Week Loves 💟


Random Haul + I’m back?

I’m back *awkward silence* If you hate me I totally understand, cause I hate myself too. Hey, we can be besties now, we have something in common! No? Oh ok… I’m gonna explain myself in the next post, but I just wanted to say I’m alive, I’m ok, well physically, mentally maybe not so much but hey, who is these days?
I thought I’d start my comeback with something more fun then my boring excuses…
This is a small haul, the photos are taken with my phone cause my camera is still in our old place (oh yeah, btw I moved again).


First are these cute beige sandals. Last summer when we moved to Bulgaria we did so much exploring all my summer shoes broke… I got them at Denzel, which is this big cheap store with everything from clothing to cleaning supplies.


I also got these cute shorts from there, cause it’s damn hot here and all my summer clothes are still in our old place.


Also from Denzel I got this simple t-shirt cause it was so cheap I couldn’t resist :D And also I got these really lightweight pants (how are they called), not really my usual style but god are they comfy. Also they are perfect for hiding hairy legs on a hot summer day muahhhaahhaa


Then I made an emergency trip to dm – a makeup store, cause I didn’t bring with me any nail polishes from the other house and I needed pretty toenails to go with my new sandals. And my mascara and brow pencil are almost gone, so I needed a refill. I also got a face mask, which I used as soon as I got home cause I really needed it! I was having trouble finding the right mask cause it’s all written in german and bulgarian, but I think I got the right one at the end.


Dm also has a little bio-health section from where I got a yummy mango-apple jam (at least I think it’s yummy cause I haven’t tried it yet) and vitamins for us and kids cause we’ve been eating awfully since we moved.

So that’s it. I’m sorry I disappeared and I hope you can forgive me. I will try to explain why and what goes on in that messed up brain of my mine. Here’s a pic of me in case you’ve forgotten how I look like :D


Love & Sunshine to all of you,